AC 120-94 PDF

AC 120-94 PDF

AC , AIRCRAFT ELECTRICAL WIRING. INTERCONNECTION SYSTEMS TRAINING PROGRAM. Commenter. Comment. Requested Change. Disposition. FAA AC LESSON EWIS Incidents. In this lesson, we cover: • EWIS. • TWA Flight Incident. • Lufthansa Cargo Incident. LESSON EWIS. The guidance used to identify and meet these training needs is contained in FAA Advisory Circular (AC) This course addresses EWIS compliance.

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This program was developed for eight different target groups and may be used for initial and recurrent training. In addition, these items would be valuable for voluntary training for inspector awareness. Skelly, an oil magnate, founded Spartan as an aircraft manufacturing. Recommended general maintenance protection procedures af. Appendix A c of 14 CFR part 43 lists the tasks that are considered preventive maintenance. Voltage, current, and resistance b.

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Wiring diagram manuals WDM a. December 15, U.

Where Do You Begin? The presence of a foreign material that is likely to cause degradation of wiring. The course is aimed at any Military Maintenance organisation or those persons responsible for Aac Maintenance operations. Examples of switchgear found. The presence of a foreign material that is combustible.


In the event of any queries about the device, please quote all the details given on the rating plate. What is Static Electricity?


On the other hand, if we become aware of circumstances that convince us that following this AC would not result in compliance with the applicable regulations, we will not be bound by the terms of this AC, and we may require additional substantiation as a basis for finding compliance. Typical damage and areas found airplane specific X X March Revision 3. Combined Airframe and Powerplant A.

Upon satisfactory More information. zc

Signs of overheating 1 See Appendix D for definition. Troubleshooting procedures manuals, including fault isolation manual all chapters b. Provide all labor, materials, tools and equipment required for the complete installation.

Industrial Aac Safety Inspections Presented by: Name of person responsible for quality system: Important data and tables X Refresher Training Refresher training should be conducted at least every two years. Wire type codes alphanumeric b. Mechanic Questions and Answers 1.

ITC was founded in Knowledge of airplane internal contamination sources, so that inspection processes can be effectively carried out and contamination damage easily recognized.

Tools, special tools, and equipment X 4. Comparing apples-to-apples bids Plant Services Special Report A shock hazard analysis should be included as part of an arc. The procedure for identifying specific wire types using airplane manuals.


Summer and Winter Operations. Af simple power distribution. Special Detailed Inspection SDI An intensive examination of a specific item, installation, or assembly to detect damage, failure, or irregularity.

Provide all labor, materials, tools and equipment required for the complete installation More information. The instructor may vary the depth and scope of the topics zc be covered, depending on the type of airplane to be maintained and skills of the students.

Insulation qualities and damage limits X X Paragraph 6 of this AC provides details of each target group.

Practical Aircraft Wiring- GLOBALJET

For the purposes of this advisory circular, it also includes preventive maintenance as described in both 1. Revised October 5, 1. Heat shields and drip shields 5. Visual inspection procedures X Short to ground e. Electrical wiring interconnection systems damage a. This program More information. Wire insulation removal tools c. Contamination protection planning a.

Electrical bonding and av a.

Superintendent of Documents, U.