Supplement. Angol nyelvtani összehasonlító táblázat, jelen idők. 1. Általános jelen igeidő (Present Simple). A cselekvés (1) szokásosan ismétlődik, (2) időrend . Angol szótanító szótárak szavak és kifejezések gyakorlására. Start studying angol igeidők 2.,3. alakja. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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Betty has been singing all night. I have opened the window. Will you be waiting for her igeidko when she finishes work? How long has she played tennis? When his wife arrived, Bill had been having dinner. Does he love football?

Tom is 33 years old. Hardly had I got to the station when the train left. Angop fogod fejezni addigra? She will come next week. I have never driven a van. Do you live near here? At noon I have lunch with the boss.


Angol igeidők – 2

GM is to increase its production in Mexico. I have found a purse. Have you ever drunk tea with milk?

Where were you going when I saw you? I have just cleaned up.

igeidők megoldással – raraxy – Minden, ami angol

As soon as he had arrived home, he called his friend. Had she been cooking by then? When I arrived home they had been playing.

Igeidpk am reading a good book by R. Did you see him this morning? The ministry is to introduce a new tax. He is going to a football match.

Does she sleep a lot? I had started doing karate before I went to university. Is she running now?

I will have taken the exam by this time next week. He was repairing the gate. The dog has never jumped over this fence. I am a student. Have you found your bag?

What were you doing then? I was working all summer. Hogyan fognak jegyet szerezni? The guests arrived while we were walking. Angolt tanulok – intro. I was whitewashing the kitchen yesterday. When you wake up, I will be cooking.


Hello, Bába Kitti vagyok! – English with Kitti

Tom hamarosan itt lesz. We are not going to take part in the meeting today. Since when have you learned English? A feladat ig fog tartani. By the end of this year I will have lived here for 10 years.

She was very hungry. He has changed the lock. We are going to a concert. Has she found him? We have been waiting for you for an hour. Tom will be here soon. While she is cooking, we will be playing.

A new president is to be elected next year. Soha nem utazunk taxival.