Kako se zahuktava predizborna kampanja, sve vise politicara ponovo spominje tzv. aprilski paket ustavnih promjena. Bez zelje da pokrecem. aprilski paket pdf files. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for aprilski paket pdf files. Will be grateful for any help! Top. oborili-aprilski-pakethtml. 2. Sporazum SDP – SNSD, Aljazeera Balkans 3.

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After the current item 6.

Travanjski paket

Dall’altra parte del tavolo negoziale, l’Unione Europea si caratterizza, invece, per un’inedita coesione fra istituzioni e Stati Membri. The State shall ensure compli-ance with the principles, priorities, and demands set forth by the Euro-pean Union in the phases before and after accession. Unless and until the veto is challenged, the appropriate caucus of the House of Peoples shall work to amend laws determined to be destruc-tive to Vital National Interests so that they are no longer considered de-structive.

Evo vam originalni tekst Aprilskog paketa ustavnih promjena pa izvolite analizirajte Among other things, the problem of blockages due to the entity voting rules needs to be addressed, and a stricter definition of the vital national clause in the Constitution is necessary. Each Minister shall conduct the affairs of his or her Ministry independ-ently and on his or her own responsibility, but shall be required to: Remaining competencies as regulated by law Previous item 2. Execute responsibilities of Bosnia and Herzegovina; c.

Ministries and their competencies shall be determined by law. State institutions are responsible for negotiating, developing, adopting and implementing, and the functioning of laws necessary for the fulfill-ment of European standards, as well as political and economic condi-tions linked with European integration.


Regulation of international and inter-Entity transportation l.

Travanjski paket – Wikipedija

Members of the Parliamentary Assembly shall serve 4 year terms. Naravno, ovdje ne treba zaboraviti Tunju, N. Competencies of the House of Peoples a. Implementation of international and inter-entity criminal law enforce-ment paiet, including relations with Interpol i. Foreign trade policy d. Participate in election of the Presidency of BiH in accor-dance with the Constitution; vii.

All decisions in the Houses of Representatives will be made by the major-ity vote of those present and voting. Juncker kertoi asiasta saksalaislehti Welt am Sonntagin haastattelussa.

Formulate, explain, and analyze budgetary proposals concerning his or her Ministry; 6. pakrt

If the majority does not include one-third of the votes of the members from the territories of each entity, then the President of the House and his Vice-Presidents, by working in a joint commission, shall endeavor to reach an agreement within three 3 from the date of vote.

Btw, ja sam uradio paket za novi glest, ufoai, i sad radim novi alien arena The Constitutional Court may decide, in accordance with state law and the Constitution, whether the Veto was invoked properly procedural reviewand whether the interest qualified as a vital national interest and whether it violates a vital national interest review on the merits.

RUDAR 09 – Respond to inquiries from the Parliamentary Assembly concerning mat-ters within his or her Ministry; 7.

#Juncker medias

Prud and Aprilsski Processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina: With these provisions, the provisions of Article Aprilsmi, items 1. Ministers act collectively as the Council of Ministers and serve individually as the heads of their Ministries. If the procedure for the protection of Vital National Interest is not aprilsku within the prescribed period of time, the law adopted in the House of Representatives becomes effective. The slate shall include at least one member of the Presidency from each entity and the maximum of one member of the Presidency shall come from each people.


Nel pieno del caos Brexit, emerge un quadro impietoso della politica britannica, stretta tra nazionalismi ed interessi particolaristici.

Upon request, and at least once a year, submits reports to the Parlia-mentary Assembly about the expenses of the Presidency; xi. Prije pet-sest godina reforma ustava uopste nije bila na stolu a to je pitanje otvoreno samo zbog diskriminacije posto se za clanove predsjednistva ne mogu kandidovati recimo Jevreji ili Albanci.

Decide on sources and amounts of funds for the function-ing of institutions aprjlski servicing international obligations of Bosnia and Herzegovina; iv.

Competencies that have been transferred to the State may be returned to the Entities with the unanimous consent of aprilskl State and both Enti-ties. Mehr dazu in unserer Insta-Story.

The rights of all three constituent peoples to be repre-sented in legislative, executive, judicial authorities, and to have equal rights to be involved in decision-making processes; ii.

Propose and make recommendations concerning legislation within the scope of his or her Ministry; 3.

Forza amici, che il prossimo anno mandiamo a casa questi burocrati europei! Entitetsko glasanje imamo i sad, sta bi bilo izgubljeno u odnosu na sadasnje stanje?