Frstly, as a disclaimer, Ive really only spent six months thinking about the theoretical side of tactics in Football Manager, and how the match. 4v0+GK: – Here the midfielders crisscross and the forward acts like a wall favoring the shot at goal of a teammate. – #3 receive the ball from the coach and pass. AC Milan’s Under Arrigo Sacchi – – . Great Team Tactics: Breaking Down How Arrigo Sacchi’s AC Milan Took Down Europe.

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If you can comment constructively that’d be really cool. As far as their defence was concerned, Sacchi had to permanently change the line-up.

The highlight of their season was the demolition of Real Madrid. Euro 96 was a disaster — Italy were eliminated in the group stages — and Sacchi briefly returned to Milan before moving on to Atletico Madrid.

His achievements with the youth team earned interest from Parmawho were then playing in Serie C1. Another defining characteristic of Sacchi’s play, especially compared to Guardiola’s replication of the 70s Dutch philosophy, and in stark contrast with Saari’s replication, is the degree of dribbling.

Haha, well i still don’t really understand what went on with that Palace tactic, i’ll have to do some more analysis, when i stop obsessing over the Saachi one. Monday, December sachci, But i can’t score many goals with it. Some of the other positions are debatable, for example the positions of Colombo and Donadoni are subject to debate, as are the Gullit position.

The style of play was steeped in catenaccio: This freed Ancelotti of his defensive burden and he could carry out orchestrating the play. Another key element in all his teams was the fact the intensity with which they pressed.

AC Milan’s Under Arrigo Sacchi – – | Soccer Lab

They are also better aerially and from corners and set-pieces. Despite his relative inexperience as player, his coaching methods were exemplary and the way he instilled such mental focus was impressive. I’m allowing my obsession with the defensive line to make this call. So i guess, this will be where i will learn the most. The final is much more famous for the penalty miss from star man Baggio as they lost to Brazil. In my previous thread on my Crystal Palace save i was criticised, perhaps right or wrongly, for trying to change aspects of my mentality through team instructions, so i imagine this is where i’m perhaps committing some mistakes.


In my head anyway, this option, the team plays as a unit and as such ought to create the compression necessary for the 25 yard compression zone, since all players are contributing to that phase of the game? I’;ve also used the analysis screens after to game, to identify who is giving the ball away, wasting crosses, and losing dribbles.

Also having that deep mentality for Biglia will mean he drops in and takes the ball of the defenders whilst playing shorter passes to those around him like Ancelotti did.

I had to win them over.

The Tactical essence of Sacchi

Blah saccni my AC save, i just lost to Sassulo as i was writing this, 20 chances Vs their 4. Afterwards he passed the ball on the striker in front of him. It created a triangle featuring Baresi and the near full-back and central-midfielder. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. The following season saw them defeated by eventual runners-up Marseille in the quarter-final, and finish second in Arrio A behind Sampdoriawhile sacfhi were eliminated in the semi-finals of the Coppa Italia by eventual champions Roma.

I’ve just had Bonaventura return from injury, and i see him as playing that Colombo role nicely. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Still, when he arrived in Milan many were unconvinced.

The player needs to express himself within the parameters laid out by the manager. The former Milan coach replaced Azeglio Vicini, who had not been able to win the World Cup at home, in So i’m bringing that in here ,because i know that Saari was influenced by Sacchi’s idea of compression and pressing with the high line and offside trap.

Italy national football team — managers. In the Ancelotti role, Biglia is playing big games, but Locatelli plays most games, he’ll be a perfect replacement and like for like with Ancelotti, for his passing, long shots, and tackling ability and i’ll sign Melgioni or Benassi too, once Biglia is too oldgot Wilshere to play the Ancelotti role although is injured obviously.

I’m not sure it does?

Tactical Tale | Tactical Tale of Arrigo Sacchi

Rijkaard was more of a physical presence in the midfield and could act as a defensive shield and even drop into the backline when necessary. If you truly want to replicate, its saccho exercise of patience.


Edited November 30, by argenmik. He was twice manager of Milan —, —with great success. Although Sacchi initially planned to repeat his favourite high pressing tactics, it was clear that weather conditions required something different.

Tassotti almost plays as a wing back, and Maldini is definitely a supporting fullback, with an outstanding ability to cross from deep. Going forward they are extremely expressive, yet Sacchi will of course be remembered tctics the extremely rigid and extreme approach to defending. Views Read Edit View history. He asked for a defined greed to win the ball, and, more importantly, the will to dominate a game sadchi the course of 90 minutes.

Float crosses, as mentioned, crosses are frequently floated into the box for Gullit, MBV, and Rijkaard, so self evident. The simple reason was, Italy wanted to use the speed of two attacking wingers up front in some matches. So, high pressure was given up from time to time, qrrigo favour of a more cautious approach in which the Italian side came back to defend in a with two banks of four or through a variable which included a deep formation.

All the eleven players understood how they had to remain in active positions all the time and be proactive in their reactions. I certainly aerigo disagree with previous replications who’ve used Narrow, in fact i’d say this was wrong.

I’ve never been invincible ever adrigo, even with a plug and play, let alone something i built from scratch, but It’s a great tactic, i’m loving it, i might do another thread with all the PI’s on, cos there are so many now, it’s silly.

Consisting of a core of his successful Milan side, Sacchi took over as the manager of the National side. By the end, though, it was not the disappointment of Italy or Atletico Madrid that remained in the memory.

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi promised Sacchi a play in his cabinet in case of a tachics.

I’ve trained him a DLF, and stopped him rushing forward whenever possible, and he’s now learning to drop deep as PPM which i’m desperate that he learns. Then, Baresi went back to play the final against Brazil, with Italy able to maintain the clean sheet until the penalty shootout.