LIEUTENANT GUSTL. “Lieutenant Gustl” from Plays and Stories, by Arthur Schnitzler Copyright by . Supposed to be a lieutenant in the reserve as well!. Lecture Notes: Schnitzler, Lieutenant Gustl. I. Background –Arthur Schnitzler ( ); a contemporary of Freud’s (6 years younger than Freud); lived in. Readers of Arthur Schnitzler’s novella Lieutenant Gustl may, upon first encountering the text, feel somewhat overwhelmed by a seemingly.

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This necessitates examining what literary critics have written about irony. Ainda assim,vale uma boa hora de leitura.

This page was last edited on 1 Decemberat Yes, it’s already open, and there’s none of our crowd there right now. It’s awful; it’s unbearable; I must kill him on the spot, wherever I happen to meet him! He’s probably a Socialist. Bored by the music, he fumbles for his watch. Well, then, let’s consider.

File:Arthur Schnitzler Lieutenant Gustl ().jpg – Wikimedia Commons

What do I mean; next week? She probably didn’t know herself. The book is also revolutionary because Schniztler came far before other stream-of-consciousness writers like James Joyce and Virginia Woolfso he really did something innovative and cool. It always pleases a poor devil like him. Oh, he’s talking to the furnace man. And then she once sent me a postcard from Belgrade. The pose of aggression protects him, just as a career in the army compensated for his inferiority complex.

All I did was stand there-hush, hush your mouth! Alignments between themes and structure in Gustl and in Freud’s theory of the psyche and dreams. It’s lucky I wasn’t in love with her. Yes, I’ll applaud along with the rest of them. Its unique narrative form, Gustl’s free-associating interior monologue, was chosen by a Viennese writer who was equally aware of the first stirrings of Freudian psychoanalysis, as of Ernst Mach ‘s then celebrated philosophy of impressionism.


I’m hungry-Lord, I’m hungry-No wonder. Steffi’s still sleeping, I suppose. The story appeared in the Viennese newspaper Neue Freie Presse on 25 December and caused a scandal.

That was funny a week ago when she was at the Gartenbau Cafe’ with him, and I was sitting opposite Kopetzky; she kept winking at me in the way we had arranged. Others would have come along after Steffi, and finally there would have been one who’d have been worth something-a young girl from a substantial family, with a good dowry-it might have been rather nice.

The way she’s giving me the eye!

For what sense is there to it: Leutbant phrases like “But no one will see me” or “Heavens, I hope nobody heard it” structure the text and alert the reader to an incongruence between Gustl’s outer and inner worlds. Tomorrow morning atthur seven. Yes, that would have put me in a different social circle. Gustl tells the man to shut up and recognizes him too late as the baker who frequents the same coffeehouse as Gustl.

No point in eating; no fun in the cafe. This is, as I shall show later, especially the form of irony the reader can abundantly see in Lieutenant Gustl. But these scholars have not focused on how these themes leutnan ironically. My only thoughts while reading gust one: No, he talked very softly- right in my ear. Why are they looking over at me? The conflict leave I had to read Schnitzler’s short book for my Arts and Ideas class.


And Brenitsch fell off his horse and broke his neck. He took better aim on his beloved. No one is chasing me.

Arthur Schnitzler

May not be his best piece but along with ‘La Ronde’ probably one of his most controversial. I might have studied agriculture and joined my uncle on schnitzlet estate. View all 15 comments. How long have I been sleeping?

Ploni Almoni

He wonders around Vienna, in a state leuttnant both melancholy and annoyance. And finally, there’s nothing else to do, not for me anyhow, certainly not for me! Should he just own up to what happened and deal with it? There are lots of things I’d like to see which unfortunately I won’t be able to- It’s all over!

This leads the young officer to thoughts of suicide, as he cannot imagine having news of the incident ruin his public persona Schnitzler Het verhaal zelf is best aardig, maar interessanter is wat mij betreft het beeld van de militarisering van de Oostenrijkse samenleving, de eercultuur en de vreemde, ietwat ziekelijke verhoudingen en gedragingen die daaruit voortkomen.

He was talking about the maneuvers; and it was only then that the lawyer joined us and said something or other I didn’t like- about playing at war- something like that-but I couldn’t say anything just then. It was an extremely arthurr read, so I recommend it to everyone.

Willy was no older than I when he took the leap.