The Audiolab Q is an audiophile standard Pre-Amplifier with quality of components and build quality never before seen ona unit of this price. In stark contrast, the Audiolab Q pre amplifier and Audiolab P power amplifier were designed by Audiolab utilising years of. Bought a audiolab combo q+p at € + to replace my burnt out Musical Fidelity A2 after a lot of auditioning and comparing (see similar products) in.

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The sonic picture seemed more detailed sketch than full-color portrait. We naturally went full hog to tri-amp but more on that anon. Gain setting,tuner,aux,video,cd with tape loops x2 will work with any amplifier out there.

Digital control is under this RFI shield — again, a nice touch. More specifically though, it’s the special status audiolab occupies with this combo.

Audiolab 8000Q Preamp

Sadly no but an external phono pre can get grounded here and an audiolab happens to be forthcoming at ca. Be the first the write a review. The Dussun V8i belongs to a similar tonal school it’s tauter in the bass, not quite as clear in the treble but also very neutral overall yet this kind of accurate, deeply layered staging is beyond its ken. Learn more about Pargo at: Another view of the replaced parts Share this: Brand new Omega amplifier.

A special feature is the gain trim to scale the master volume taper to the source output voltage and speaker sensitivity. These electronics won’t turn a factual speaker into a playboy, rather get a full-figured one to start reasoning.


I have seen better speaker binding posts though.

Board-mounted pot and space for MC step-up transformers. As I always do, I used only premium replacements, many times the cost of the original parts, but always worth it.

6moons audio reviews: audiolab Q+M

Power mains to the far right, input selector adjacent, then the master volume farther left. Without tipping my hand for the upcoming review. It comes with the power lead, manual and the original box. Once the aduiolab took pride of place and the first track cued up, two folks were left scratching their balding scalps. Alas, this test isn’t about audiolab’s CD player.

Are you local and in a position to bring her in? Isn’t it feasible that the higher production costs of monos steal funds from areas audibly relevant? This is one of the most beautifully designed and best sounding amplifiers ever made. Let’s start with the Q preamp: This Audiolab Q Preamp has come to us via a part exchange and comes with a 1 year warranty. It’s back to listening, all else mere speculation.

NAD Power Amplifier. Power mains, red LED. Encased in a wooden enclosure. All parameters were affected. Please Log in or Register to write a review. Why pick this grouping? Overall, audiolab’s workmanship seems unpretentious and solid.

The Audiolab P matches the Q cosmetically, with identical width and height unit, simply devoid of the volume control and buttons. Note the neat, clean layout with 800q zero wiring — very nice.

No hidden cards anywhere, even the farthest members in the shadows played their decks openly on the table. Even during stormy and dense passages, placement precision of instruments doesn’t waver. Putting the hex on assumptions that the mono concept is best reserved for higher price classes, the Q plus 2 x M is sonically persuasive. Insert ‘phones and the speakers mute. As already stated, different speakers followed these characterizations in general but in truth, things got a bit more complex.


I can also let you know how my fix goes. Primare D20 CD Player. The Audiolab Q Preamplifier has a magnificently audio,ab and open sound with superb resolution of detail and dynamics.

Audiolab 8000Q Preamplifier Repair

80000q We believe the sound is so pure, nothing added and audjolab taken away, that the introduction of the Q represents the most significant advance in Hi-Fi amplifiers aidiolab the original Audiolab A Integrated Amplifier took the Hi-fi market by storm nearly 10 years ago.

Electric Guitar and amp. Connect the latter to a second mono, do the same for the other channel and presto, bi-amping. Now I find silver a bit common and black metrosexual Around back, there’s the input RCA to connect to the preamp, another labeled ‘load’.

We Offer Part Exchange. It exists, nicely countering the trend to off-board just to sell you an extra expensive box. You have to remember I repair dozens of units a month and that repair was a year or two ago!

Rated at w per channel. Well, enough already of speculations. It is not available to the public easily. To illustrate the effect, a simple sketch: Perusing audiolab’s price sheet, I chuckled.