The Gulf War Did Not Take Place is a collection of three short essays by Jean Baudrillard published in the French newspaper Libération and British paper The . View latest Jean Baudrillard’s Documents. Jean Baudrillard’s Documents. Home · Jean Baudrillard’s La guerra del Golfo no ha tenido lugar. Read more. La guerra del Golfo no ha tenido lugar / Jean Baudrillard ; traducción de Thomas Kauf.

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Jean Baudrillard’s Documents

The English translation was published in early translated by Paul Patton. Jun 13, Adam rated it it was amazing. In Jean Baudrillard’s words, “The very definition of the real has become: Wastes which incarnate the secret violence of this society, uncoerced and non-degradable defecation.

Be more virtual than the events themselves, do not seek to re-establish the truth, we do not have the means, but do not be duped, and to that end re-immerse the war and all information in the virtuality from whence they came. Confronted by a jo, the other becomes paranoid, he deploys a massive apparatus of protection and mistrust. He argues that the war we were presented with on TV and through government propaganda isn’t the same as hw war as it happened.

The Gulf War Did Not Take Place – Wikipedia

Sep 09, David rated it did not like it. This is true, but hardly profound or original; “In war, truth is the first casualty” has been attributed to Aeschylus two and a half millennia ago, and although he gives some modern analysis of this, Baudrillard doesn’t get far beyond it. I thought this book was largely but not quite entirely provocative nonsense. I don’t recommend this to anyone that doesn’t enjoy academic reading as a puzzle that you have to tinker with for hours on end A really really great book that went sailing straight over the head of many American critics who wondered how someone could deny that a war had taken place.

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La guerra del Golfo no ha tenido lugar – Jean Baudrillard – Google Books

And as for “Must we denounce the speed of light? There is good reason for that. Pages to import images to Wikidata Articles containing French-language text. Since this war was won in advance.

The title refers to the U. The aim is to give clear insights into an analysis of what is really happening.

This basically presented a clear instantiated example of hyper-reality for the events unfolding were “more real than real”. The real is not only what can be reproduced, but that which is always already reproduced: The Emperor has no clothes. Feb 23, Peter Heft rated it really liked it. The words “the same” have a specific meaning here, and it is facts, not interpretation, which are being denied. I understood all these words separately but together not so much.

We will never know what an American taking part with a chance of being beaten would have been like. A little hard to follow for a layman, but nonetheless a fascinating look at what effect the media has on the reality of modern “warfare”. I genuinely cannot remember ever having had to read such abject tosh, and I have studied psychology in my time so it’s up against some pretty stiff competition.

I’m sorry this is so long. There is some decent sociological analysis in it, but there is also a very large amount of utter drivel. In another example, he asserts that we TV watchers were submitted to “the same violence” as Saddam’s prisoners, tortured into “repenting” in public. I’ve given this two stars because there’s the odd interesting idea, but overall I’d recommend giving it a wide berth and reading something – almost anything – else instead.

Oct 08, Sid Nuncius rated it it was ok. Can’t wait for the movie. Recent events with the Israeli Defense Force are even more surreal in the sense that they declared an invasion of Palestine via twitter. Jesus Christ, we’re all fucked. We experience only prepared realities–edited war footage, meaningless acts of terrorism, the destruction of cultural values and the substitution of ‘referendum’. Apr 28, Alison rated it it was ok. Jean Baudrillard’s philosophy centers on the twin concepts of ‘hyperreality’ and ‘simulation’.


The main thesis that Baudrillard provides is that war has evolved in a manner similar to the evolution of capital: But the hysteric is not suicidal, this is the advantageous other side to Saddam. A book of elongated versions of the truncated original articles in French was published in May It certainly won’t go on for ever, which is a very long time indeed.

This is what happened in the Gulf War, and it has become the holotype for war in an age where there are no more great wars.

The Gulf War Did Not Take Place

He is neither mad nor suicidal, perhaps he should be treated by hypnosis? Neat concept, bad execution. Patton s introduction argues that Baudrillard, more than any other critic of the Gulf War, correctly identified the stakes involved in the gestation of the New World Order.

Feb 09, Dean added it. The most violent reproach addresses to Saddam Hussein by Bush is that of being a liar, a traitor, a bad player, a trickster. Mar 10, Ben Flanagan rated it really liked it. Jul 16, David Daugherty rated it really liked it. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Still, some provocative ideas. I do think Baudrillard gets a bit side tracked as is his nature and is obviously much less than lucid, but Patton’s introduction is top notch.

A war as a media event, a spectacle created to support a sense of a palpable enemy and a just cause.