BS is the British standard developed by the BSI Group for technical product documentation, geometric product specification, geometric tolerance specification and engineering drawings. Figure 33 – Simplification of drawing indication when there is only one This British Standard supersedes BS , which is withdrawn. Technical Drawing standards create a 2D Graphical Language. I’ve based the information on these posts on BS , the British standard for ‘Technical.

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The standard has been restructured to make it easier to find key information and to improve the flow of requirements to reflect how they will be used by designers and engineers in practice. Worldwide Standards We can source any standarda from anywhere in the world. Use this information at your own risk.

About BS & BS | Iain Macleod Associates

Industrial design One-off, batch, and mass or bs888 production all have different design requirements, because of the differences between types of product, client [ client: Size tolerances should be interpreted in accordance with ISO i. A significant change in the revision is that there is no longer a requirement to state whether specifications have been toleranced in accordance drawig either the Principle of Independency or the Principle of Dependency.


The benefits of standardisation became widely recognised during the industrial revolution.

Inthe BS was replaced by the updated BS This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Independent design consultancies or design agencies are also set to benefit from BS However I do notice that, in my earlier version, drawing examples still use the decimal point – The authors may have corrected this in the latest version.

The aim of the standard is no longer simply to index the ISO system, but also to make directly available much of the key material of the ISO standards directly, all in one place. Acting as a navigational roadmap to the ISO standards, BS provides information engineers need on a regular basis, including the nuts and bolts of engineering specification. This was BSwhich in one edition or another came to be found on the book shelves of almost every design, manufacturing and inspection department in the country.

Find out more about page archiving. The standard aims to assist UK industry to use the or more international standards on documentation, specification, and verification.

BS 8888:2017

Overview Product Details What is this standard about? Notes on Drawing using CoralDraw Cadalot The BSI website uses cookies. It covers all of the requirements for the technical specification of products and their component parts.

Retrieved from ” standaards The standards cover more than just engineering drawing, they cover all aspects of technical product specification, including, for instance, the use of 3D CAD models to define component geometry. There are a number of changes and developments to working practices, many of which would have been introduced through a new version of BS if it had not been withdrawn.


Drawing Standards

Extension lines are parallel lines that extend out from two points on the drawing. Chapter 1 can be downloaded free Please download Chrome or Firefox or view our browser tips. It also brings together, in one easy-to-follow document, all the international standards needed to prepare technical product specifications.

Among other things, it explains the way in which engineering drawings outline and present these specifications. As such BS acts as a gateway — or roadmap — to around ISO standards on documentation, specification and verification. Click to learn more. The pages linked below include the majority of these standards. Search all products by.

All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from December In BS the decimal place is indicated with a decimal point. It was in effect just an expensive shopping list.

Lots of Advice and Lessons from a Drawing expert Metrication.