and Gellner never settled on a definition of populism (Taggart. ), which Margaret Canovan’s Populism () comes up with a typology. Populism by Margaret Canovan, , Harcourt Brace Jovanovich edition, in English – 1st ed. Populism and the Two Faces of Democracy. Margaret Canovan Abstract. Populism, understood as an appeal to ‘the people’ against both the.

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Populism. By Canovan Margaret. (New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1981. Pp. 351. $17.95.)

Radical History Review, 5880— From marginality to mainstream? American Political Science Review64 4— The nucleus of populism: Populismilliberalismliberal democracyminimal definitionmethodologyessentialismconceptual stretchingnegative poledegreeismnormative in determinacy.

Most analysts naturally choose to study populism by using cases that they can handle more easily whether because of personal familiarity, linguistic facility, or other biases. It is probably because of such difficulties that operationalizing populism is still underdeveloped. Conditions favoring the success and failure of radical right-wing populist parties in contemporary democracies.

University Press of Kentucky. Populism as a spectre of democracy: Government and Opposition49 4— Populism and the two faces of democracy.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Indeed, in popuism study of populism, conceptual stretching has been an ancestral sin.


A related problem in this respect concerns case selection bias. To sum up and conclude this article, my initial intent has been to provide a concise overview of how the study of populism has grown—rather extravagantly—during recent decades; to identify the major methodological pitfalls that have troubled comparative empirical ;opulism and, finally, to propose a most minimal definition for the further study of populism in the context of contemporary democratic politics.

However, on the whole and notwithstanding their merits, as I am shortly going to show, these definitional approaches stand on perilous conceptual and methodological grounds, which often impedes comparative and theoretical efforts.

Conceptual innovation in comparative research. What constitutes morality and how do we perceive immoral in contemporary politics?

Margaret Canovan

The Case of Colombia. As we are now confronted with the steady increase of populism in the democratic world and with an ever-increasing production of studies on populism in the academic world, we simply cannot afford, as Taguieff implicitly suggests, to abandon attempts at a rigorous definition.

University of Chicago Press,p. And yet, by any measure conceivable, this party is a real trailblazer and by far the most successful case of populism in contemporary Europe and, arguably, across the entire Western democratic world. Most efforts toward operationalization concern specific variables of the concept the nature of its ideology, its discursive style, the characteristics of its leadership rather than the concept itself.


Populism — RESuME

So, what is populism in the context of our contemporary democratic world? Canovqn and Opposition49 11— The situation has hardly improved since.

This alerts us further in two respects. University of Alabama Press. Sartori,p. Poor Data and Inattention to Crucial Cases With the expansion of interest in populism and the proliferation of studies on this phenomenon, we are currently endowed with increasing amounts of empirical research and survey data, pouplism of which, however, has been accumulated in indiscriminate and rather haphazard ways.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. All in all, the study of populism has been plagued by 10 drawbacks: One should naturally begin by asking: In the end, there developed within the group two distinct approaches, one associated with modernization theory canofan another with structural Marxism.

Populism – Margaret Canovan – Google Books

In search of the lowest common denominator. On the concept of populism: From a conceptual mirage to a real problem. Populism in Latin America.