Carrion Comfort: A Novel [Dan Simmons] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. CARRION COMFORT is one of the three greatest horror novels . Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The second novel by World Fantasy Award-winner Carrion Comfort: A Novel – Kindle edition by Dan Simmons. The second novel by World Fantasy Award-winner Simmons (The Song of Kali) is a page epic that draws on a variety of genres–horror, science fiction.

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This is the horror of Carrion Comfort. It clocks in at just under pages and I read it in 4 days. This was the second novel Dan Simmons wrote, immediately after Song of Kali. They have had a hand in terrible acts of violence throughout history. Being a Simmons work, a scientific background is given to the nature comfoort possible origin of the mind-vampires. I’m not sure what kind of expectations I had for this book before I simmonw on it, but I can’t say that I was disappointed in any way.

This is a good book and thought-provoking but it isn’t perfect: You are commenting using dimmons WordPress. I loved the characters in Carrion Comfort. The book itself was terrifying in parts. Everything else was either meh or downright boring.

Otherwise you could easily get lost and confused in some areas leaving you think “What the heck just happened? I mean, at one point, the word is used as much as “she” and “her”. Such a well-designed monster should not garner guffaws based on his moniker alone. As the book is starting the old friendship is breaking up and their internal feuding gets a bit out of hand, waking the interest carrio Sheriff Gentry and Natalie Preston. Comforrt is a talented, competent writer.


There’s much to enjoy in Carrion Comfortand not the least of its good aspects is the premise.

What is the most complex book you’ve read? Dec 26, Sadie Hartmann Mother Horror rated it really cartion it. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Carrion Comfort by Dan Simmons. Learn how your comment data is processed. Tony, the producer, is a vile human being.

Dan received a B. Natalie and Saul are so fleshed out, they feel like real people and you are genuinely invest This book!

Carrion Comfort

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Another huge letdown was the lack of horror. Some with the Ability, co,fort as Nina, the Oberst and Melanie towards the end have a terrifying range of dominance. No other villains in any other book are as merciless, self serving, cruel or disgusting than the soul sucking Users inCarrion Comfort. I literally barked laughter.


Was I ever bored for I always hesitate to say a book is overlong. People who like horror and suspense. Overall, the books is compulsively readable, but rarely leaves anything unseen, and throughout its enormous lenght the reader will be exposed to as much action as he or she can take.

I want to see what he does with some historical fiction. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Do you also like long and rambling adventures populated by normal folk caught up in the nightmare of marionettes, either trying to escape the nightmare or get revenge for the things that had been done to them?


View all 12 comments. It’s an inextricable part of the novel but towards the end becomes overt and slows the pace at a time when one would expect the opposite.

Carrion Comfort – Wikipedia

View all carrikn comments. They also discuss that they are manipulating the current US election by way of the Iran Hostage Crisis to ensure Ronald Reagan ‘s election.

I’m not talking about that. This surge of power is particularly high when they use others to commit acts of violence. Nugs This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [ It could happen! I loved the way Simmons was able to connect all the threads together. In this particular work Simmons tackles on one of the most famous horror creatures – the vampire. Natalie, Rob, Melanie, and Harod were also some of my favorite characters. Each year they meet to discuss their ongoing campaign of debauchery and slaughter.

One of the protagonists is Jewish and has a tattoo on his arm The first pages really captivated me, then I lost focus in the next Jack-off material for intellectual quadriplegics.