This section offers quality tools that do not measure, but are needed frequently in manufacturing. Tools such as work positioning tools, scribers, punches, vises. Recherchez dans les catalogues et brochures techniques de la société STARRETT sur DirectIndustry et trouvez l’information dont vous avez besoin en 1 clic. On the front cover: A Starrett Electronic Caliper equipped with a DataSure. End Node measuring .. product in this catalog does not guarantee current availability. PAGES. PAGES Spanish, French, German, Portugese,. Italian, Swedish.

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How true and I so remember that day Is it possible the artwork changed during the printing s of a catalog?

Catálogo Geral B33 – Starrett

Look at the covers of catalog 13 or 85 depending on the cover color. Those would be 17 down thru the earliest I have, Rivett, It isn’t that they don’t care, it just doesn’t keep the company afloat financially.

Worse, they don’t have much of a clue about the details of their company’s history. Open catalog 21 and what do you see almost immediately at the top? These catalog dates are inconsistent with the “January 31, ” date received from Starrett.

Should one materialize, I will post it to this thread.

Starrett-3D Parts Catalog

AntiqueMac’s date is consistent with the dates which appear in various places in catalog Opened the early Sat. He said that he did see the ad but had other stuff to do that day. The legitimacy for the e-mailing of the newsletter is the acceptance of the subscribed interested person to receive it.


I hate to say somebody is wrong but it sure seems like this is the case with Starrett Which are your rights when you provide us your personal data?

E lasted until 22 was printed in Starrett “; in upper RH corner is “The L.

Starrett 3D Parts Catalog

So, it is up to some of us stardett on this list and others to present the history to the internet where it should not get lost. Right to data portability: History doesn’t make them money. When I talked to Doug Starrett years ago lunch at the lunch wagon outsidehe was clear. At the bottom of the page are 3 Stwrrett street addresses, for the NY store, for the London warehouse, and for the Chicago store. Catalog 21 has a clear cut, clearly identified as the factory. There was is still?

Fegemu Group: equipos de protección individual EPI´s y máquina herramienta

Just got a call from Starrett. Right to restriction of processing: They state that Catalog 21 was published January 31, I’m done, sorry for the rant. Maybe they printed 21 on two different occasions and changed a few things without going to the I’ll ask the main author of the catalog study if Caatlogo may publish it in his name. He knows he has a lot of good folks in Athol that would lose their jobs should Starrett fail.


We are a business group representing the best brands in the following sectors: The overall engraving not a photograph of the works from an aerial perspective is labelled “Factories of the L. There are quite a few of us that do care, but we’re getting old – and yes, I know you are a lot starrdtt than me and will come for my collection when I die! I need to find the Starrett Catalog study done some years ago by a bid time collector in conjunction with information from myself and others.

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I agree about the Starrett thing Some think that is low. But why should they?

I am ashamed to admit I never knew the old guy or his penchant for having great old tools! I looked at the engravings of the individual tools in the starrrett for patent dates, and could find only one example.