Cerber C52 is a burglar alarm system with 6 fully programmable zones on the motherboard, expandable to 12 by doubling and / or using keypad zones (each. Cerber c Users Guide – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Cerber C Zone and 2-Partition Burglary Control Panel For your home and office User’s Guide Doc / / version 1. INTRODUCTION.

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After all sensors in the system was tested, press [ ] key to exit this testing mode. That means the control panel is waiting for other digits for new value of the selected phone number.

Mechanical tampering, masking, painting, or spraying of any material on the mirrors, windows or any part of the optical system can reduce detection ability. In order to enter zone bypassing menu, the user should enter one of the commands: In a partitioned system, in order to arm a partition by users assigned to only one partition, simply key in a valid user code; the corresponding partition 6c12 arm after exit time.

Cerber c612 Users Guide

No smoke detector cerbber sense every kind of fire every time. In this mode, zone LEDs 1 to 6 and keys [1] to [6] are used to perform the bypassing or un-bypassing procedure for zone 7 to zone 12 respectively. If [8] key is pressed and the zone 3 LED is blinking, then the 8-th memorized alarm was triggered by zone 3. Press the keys from 1 to 9 to view the order of the first 9 alarms occurred in the system since last arming. Press [ ] key to exit system cfrber displaying menu. Arming can be performed with one or more bypassed zones, even if the sensors on these zone loops are faulted.

Moreover, smoke detectors have sensing limitations. To exit alarm memory displaying menu press [ ] key. Devices powered solely by Cerbeg will not work if their AC power supply is cut-off for any reason, even for a short period of time. In order to enter programming session of the system time and date, the master user should introduce the format bellow: The control panel x612 report upon remote interrogation calls and to the follow me phone numbers, too up to 8 voice messages only when there it is using the MPV8 voice module; voice messages are specific to alarms on 1 to 8 cerbet.


After a voice dialing sequence was finished, the control panel will begin the next sequence similarly until the sequence number programmed in this section was over. After [ ] key was pressed, the keypad buzzer will sound 6 confirmation beeps and exit this section waiting for a new command to enter crber section or [ ] key to exit the main programming menu.

This trouble indicates that the battery is disconnected or its voltage is lower than If a new command is performed while this PGM type is being active, then the respective time lapse will csrber triggered again.

By pressing [1] key you can see the 1-st alarm and by pressing [9] key you can see the 9-th alarm. Only zone 1 LED Blinking That means the selected user code, the follow me phone cerebr or the system time and date are not programmed and the control panel is waiting for first digit group for respective option. If in this section, one of the 2 groups of 2 digits are set both with value 0, then the corresponding partition will try to auto arm after every second if no activity will be detected in the area.

They do not create multiple beams of protection and intrusion can only be detected in unobstructed areas covered by the beams.

The system will not generate the alarm until the entry time elapses, giving the user enough time to enter the premises and disarm the entire system or a part of it to modify the entry delay times, see section []. Then enter the following sequence: To bypass a zone press the key which corresponds to the zone number and the appropriate LED will turn ON.

Cerber C – Roel Design

After entering the 3 digits corresponding to the order number of one submenu, the keypad buzzer will beep for 3 times, confirming the system is being within respective submenu. In a partitioned system, entering any of quick arming commands is followed by a time of 5 seconds in which the the user has to choose the disarmed partitions to be armed without codes; to arm the A partition the user must press [1] key and to arm the B partition the user must press [2] key please note that if the user is pressing the key which corresponds to an armed partition, the keypad buzzer will sound a long beep.


Even persons who are awake may not hear the warning if the alarm is muffled by noise from a stereo, radio, air conditioner or other appliances, or by passing traffic.

Erase the 1-st follow me phone number: Finally, alarm warning devices, however loud, may not warn hearing-impaired people or waken deep sleepers. The programming sections d612 to the master user are: If after entering the last digit of the user code the f612 buzzer is sounding a long rejection beep means: The system time and date programming is allowed to the master user only if the appropriate option does not disabled by programming see the appropriate option within [] section.

The menu command list is the following: In order to program the selected phone number, you should enter maximum 15 digits as you would on a key phone. Then the panel exits the section and will wait for a new command. This trouble indicator will appear if wiring between the siren and the control panel cerbef shorted, cut-off or there is an overload on the siren control wire a 3K3 resistor must be connected across the cegber terminals.

If the warning devices sound on a different level of the residence from the bedrooms, then they are less likely to waken or alert people inside the bedrooms.

Section [] – Manually Activation of PC callback Entering section [] allows ccerber the installer to manually initiate the PC call to establish the communication between the control panel and PC. Zone LEDs a While the system is completely armed: An overload on the siren control wire is detected only during when a condition has occurred which 21 would activate the bell output e.

This d612 system should be tested weekly to make sure that all sensors work properly.