Manuals and User Guides for ClearOne XAP We have 4 ClearOne XAP manuals available for free PDF download: Installation And Operation Manual. View and Download ClearOne XAP installation and operation manual online . Audio Conferencing System. XAP Conference System pdf manual. Media manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the portable media user manual you need at ManualsOnline.

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Advanced Configuration Virtual Reference. To print the report, click Print you can also click XAP automixing gate functions Gate Ratio Gate Ratio specifies how much lcearone the audio level must be above the ambient level before the channel gates on.

System menu, Installation ~ lcd programming, Select preset – ClearOne XAP 800 User Manual

Gain The amount a signal is increased over a given reference, typically 0. The XAP is designed to support up to macros, with an average of command lines manusl. Device Ids Once your expansion bus connections are made and if you have more than one XAP at a siteyou need to set up a unique expansion bus device ID number—a network address—for each XAP on the network. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. Before the XAP will allow passcode changes, the new passcode must be entered, then re-entered to validate the new passcode.


To select a macro, scroll. Index phase 52 mute 49 propagation 6, 54 Ramp release timeRemote Builder 27, 78—82 Remote Panel 6, 10, 57, 90, 91—92 response time 33, see also automatic gain control RJ jumper 11 room combining 5, 60—62, 63 routing matrix 29, 30, 34, 40, 56 RS 10, 11, 12, 82, 83, 87,see also serial comands Glossary Signal Delay Used for: Control Panel Control Panel Assembly 6.


Installation The XAP is designed for easy installation and setup. This assignable, peak-level LED bar meter is used to display the audio level of an input, output, or processing channel of the XAP G-Ware also provides Gate Views and Meters so you can quickly monitor or troubleshoot your system.

XAP to control and be controlled by a wide variety of external devices, including relays, lamps, switches, and other equipment. This delay is caused by operations such as the conversion of the signal between analog and digital formats. If the Meter button is pressed while a parameter is being adjusted, the LCD will switch to the Meter menu. Configuration, Preset, and Macro Recorder.

Use NLP with care; corresponding trade-offs can include suppression and half-duplex operation. Page 75 This process can take a minute or two. The unit shall be set up and operated with intuitive software that allows complete configuration of the system. ClearOne is not responsible! Multiple presets can be used simultaneously without interruptions or interference with other presets.

Each input shall also be able to reference any output or any of four global reference buses for echo cancellation. The XAP has 12 digital mix-minus buses: Page 96 Figure B.

,anual the case of the XAPthe matrix mixer permits level control at each cross point in the matrix. These shortcut menus provide quick access to options such as Print, Copy, and Paste that pertain only to that selection or screen region.

Page 2 United States of America.

Adaptive Ambient This portion of the mixer monitors the varying ambient noise level in the room and changes the threshold level at which a microphone gates on.

Select the Baud Rate NLP features four settings: You can also open this window from the G-Ware toolbar. You can monitor the same parameter on xa; inputs or outputs or processing channels for comparison or you can monitor an entire signal flow from input to output.


Normally specified in dB decibels. Click Add to place the command into the macro. Note that the level control you have selected for the cross point is indicated numerically in the cross point cell.

Warranty ClearOne Communications, Inc. Print Preview window 6.

Click the Active Command or Inactive Command button to manial the command for operation You can now create another command line for the macro or save the completed macro. Don’t have an account? Additional control shall be handled via custom setup software, RS protocol, RS control panels, or contact closure with communication speeds up to 57, baud.

ClearOne XAP 800 Installation And Operation Manual

The parameters that are available depend on the command selected. This chapter provides instructions on making hardware connections, creating an expansion bus E-bus network, assigning device ID numbers, selecting the mixer mode, and using the front panel LCD menu.

Page Gain The amount a signal is increased over a given reference, typically 0. These cleaorne are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment. With Preset Mask Control Status B you can require an active high H or active low L contact on a control pin 1—19 odd numbers or combination of several contacts in order to run the preset.