(1) DLEcc Gas Engine w/carb. (1) CM6 Spark Plug with spare ignition wire spring. (1) Muffler w/gasket. (2) 5x20mm SHCS (muffler mounting). (1) Electronic . All of our engines are the latest version of DLE, shipped directly from DLE. You can now choose to have Bowman Piston Rings installed at no additional charge. DLE 55cc Engine, with Standoffs. Click Here to Download the Warranty Return Form · Click Here to Download the Engine Manual. The DLE share the .

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But compare them on price and dke, and DLE is the clear winner. This page was last updated: Compared with the old, the new Muffler Canister has the following features l Square-mouth shim suitable for CC Engines, and Round-mouthshim suitable Email this page to a friend.

A rear pumped carburetor simplifies installation and adjustment. Loaded With Extras The DLERA comes with many accessories that add to its value — including an electronic ignition system, engine standoffs, spark plug and muffler. Optional tuned pipes route easily from the rear of the engine directly into your model’s tunnel.

During the break-in process, engine must running with shock absorber installed.


We are professional aircraft factory. Your sle is empty. The starter is equipped with single b Login to rate or review this product. Compare the performance of DLE engines to other leading brands, and they are as good as anything out there.

DLE Engines DLEcc Gasoline w/EI & Muffler |

If there is oil leaking from the cylinder, it mostly caused by a broken gasket. Producing rpm more than the DLE, the DLERA screams performance — from the lightweight piston skirt that speeds throttle response to the rear exhaust design that permits easy tuned pipe installation. Skip to main content. It can reduce noise dl you fly the airplane.

Included 2-stage Pitts muffler reduces back pressure and increases power. Also shop in Also shop in. Login to rate or review this product. Terms of Use Privacy Policy.

DLE-55cc Gasoline Engine

Engine data Model for a spark plug: Only need a bit refitting by users, the starter also can be used for DLA56, DA50, DA60 gas engine, those users who are well in refitting can have a try. Add to a new shopping list. DLE 55 Refine Results. See your favorite hobby retailer for additional recommendations. Always stand clear of and behind the propeller; never allow anyone including yourself, to doe in front of or to the New 55cv box DLE 55cc gas engine. Back In Stock Notification. We will try our best to resolve the problem.


DLE engines 55vc offer the protection of a full, 2-year limited warranty and access to replacement parts and professional repair staff at the factory-authorized service center. DLE Engines are priced well below hundreds less than comparable engines with electronic ignition, yet include a muffler and other items that are added costs on other engines.

DLEcc Gasoline Engine

Also features a special aluminum alloy crankcase, high-quality sealed crankshaft bearings and DLE-customized carburetor. Email this page to a friend. DLE Engines are priced well below hundreds less than comparable engines with electronic ignition, yet 55dc a muffler and other items that are added costs on other engines.

Installation is usually 55ccc and easy. But compare them on price and value, and Vle is the clear winner. Weight of Main Engine Lubrication Ratio. Your cart is empty. Rear Exhaust Design The included muffler installs without cutting your cowl. Ideal for warbirds and aerobatic aircraft, it comes with engine standoffs, electronic ignition, spark plug and Pitts style muffler.

So, we recommend modelers backup this Glow power is not the only option anymore.