The Spirits of Eden, A Homebrew Campaign Setting . i am compiling my own little E6 document for my dragonmech players and was taking a. Describe DragonMech here. Start with the basic Dungeons & Dragons setting, which contributed to the This RPG campaign setting provides examples of. So with a -7 penalty, I didn’t really expect to enjoy Dragonmech. But lots of settings aren’t like that, especially ones from fiction, and trying to.

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Worse still, Lunar Gods are coming into contact with the earthly deities, and waging war against them. This would be a good way to get more impressive-looking items into an e6 game if that were your intent without messing up play balance too badly. This fampaign adds to the number of prestige feats you posses as normal in addition to any added by virtue of this feat. And it is time for adventure.

The other major fantasy author of this era was William Morris, lord Dunsany established the genres popularity in both the novel and the short story form.

It is a time of intrigue, as countless fluid city-states jockey for power in a new and dizzying world. Tue Aug 16, 5: Some races even going as far as to make towering mechanised cities that move on their own accord.

Ranger character class — A Ranger is an archetype found in works of fantasy fiction and role-playing games. Mechas are typically depicted as walker types of Mobile robots and these machines vary greatly in size and shape, but are distinguished from vehicles by their humanoid or biomorphic appearance.

A wisdom hit would be better for fighter items.

In FebruaryRichard A. Increased tidal effects due to the moon only amplify this problem. As the first human Citymech, Shar Dragommech seats himself as ruler here, a symbolic gesture of leadership. These are as varied as the Necroborg undead and powered by a steam enginethe Lunarborg whose physiology is being altered srtting burning a substance in his enginethe Chainmuscle who gains great physical toughness, improves his combat ability, and improved attributes as campagin replaces more of his bodyand the Ghostgear who combines the steamborg with lethal stealth.


Wed Apr 09, 6: Fantasy — Fantasy is a fiction genre set in an imaginary universe, often but not always without any locations, events, or people from the real world.


The survivors flee underground as the only effective shelter settinf the cataclysm. Pong, one of the first widely disseminated video games, adapted table tennis, later games will often exploit distinctive properties of a new medium.

Dragonmech deities are similar to those in other campaign settings, with only a few significant differences. The slathem are fish-like humanoids who exist equally well both in and out of the water.

Authors have to rely on the suspension of disbelief, an acceptance of the unbelievable or impossible for the sake of enjoyment. Prior to the century, the academic capaign of games was rare and limited to fields such as history 5.

DragonMech – WikiVisually

Steampunk — Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. Feats gained by this feat do not count towards the limit of prestige feats you may learn. Hunter is a class with lower defensive stats, but the ability to move through forest terrain without being slowed.

And from this giant mech, hope sprang. Many in Highpoint are wondering what power the human nations will wield by the time the final citymech has been built, and support is growing amongst both elves and dwarves to deal with the Legion in general, and Shar Thizdic in specific, on a permanent basis. Assimilated, which requires a character to slowly become a quadruple amputee and eventually just a brain in a jar in exchange for physically becoming a mech; mech devil, a form of mech jockey that allows you to make a monk-mech that punches people instead of using cannons; riftwalker, which makes the character a planeswalker; anklebiter, a specialist rogue who takes down mechs by boarding them and murdering everything inside; and Prophet of Dotrak, a chosen prophet of a god that is just beginning to exist who manifests this chosenness by slowly turning into a warforged.

However, good rangers will often act as the guardians of others – whether appreciated or not – by repelling evil forces, some noteworthy fictional rangers are Drizzt DoUrden and Hank in the Dungeons and Dragons animated television series. Ah, yes, the mechs. Plagued with failures and poor efficiency on a daily basis, Rebirth remains a citymech, and is still a powerful force in its own right. Their mistrust and paranoia are in fact founded on good reason.


Tue Apr 08, This has no practical combat applications but is certainly good for entertainment. Destiny of Steam and Steel. Finally, there are many classes based around the Steamborg concept.

Cool wish you covered weapons though like the steam cannons and guns. Many cities have magical lanterns throughout the streets, a continent-spanning magical lightning rail provides high speed transportation. Wells famous The War of the Worlds. They are extremely effective, but also enormously expensive. Eberron also introduces a new character class known as the magewright. Therefore, the Coglings have taken up mechanical aptitude to keep the gear forests in perfect shape—and many are the coglayers of a citymech who brag about how little trouble their section of the engines have given, unaware the smooth operation is due to a tribe of coglings smoothing out small problems before they escalate.

Also, the Mark 2 Steamborg, the second generation, trades the vast number of features of the fixed Steamborg slightly for a far greater degree of versatility.

It is an era of strife, as even the gods themselves war in the heavens for power. As the creators of a technology that is capable of reversing the fortunes of those living in this world, they control the largest and arguably the safest sections of open land in the world of Highpoint. These modular powers can be combined in order to create complex effects.

With the changes in the world, new races are coming into being to fill new ecological niches as they occur. Second, one dwarf mechanic from an ancient guild of mechanics introduces dragonmeh long-lost to the world: Many dwarves, who were chilling underground when the meteors hit anyways, were able to survive.