Electrix MO-FX: Electrix» multi effect rackmount unit». The Electrix Mo FX is a digital multi effects unit. The effects it includes are distortion, flange, tremolo and delay. The effects can be used singularly or they can be. Electrix audio processors all share a very distinctive look, like a cross Electrix has broken some interesting ground with the Mo-FX ($).

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It will in fact try to sync with only a couple of taps but is a lot happier if you tap at least three times, basically the more you tap the more accurately it will sync. Uh elecgrix diskan the mp-fx is one way to sing two one after another, like a y’en that says “trannalinalalano” and the second response “tranalalaleno” That’s good for raving but basically it’s almost a sampler of a sentence, you push the button at the bottom regen, you send what you want in it and it keeps on turning, terrible I tell you!

Basically everything does what it is supposed to do and it does it well and reliably. Worth the time and the money, it is a classic piece of gear.

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My favorite, I made clear in the Kan ha diskan alone with the loop delay! Never called tech support, doubt I ever will. I just made because I edit a note too low for sound quality. The Electrix Mo FX is a digital multi effects unit. The distortion ranges from a muted overdrive to full blown grunge and although it can sound a little rough around the edges it can be a fairly usefull effect with the right material and in the right situation.

I also like using both the flanger and the tremolo for creating a really thick and wide flange tone or a wobbly tremolo. The power supply is internal with an standard EC socket and power switch on the busy rear panel, which also contains all the connections to the outside world: MO-FX can be lack of an effect supplmentaire But it is going very well, it is easy to use!


There are plenty of dials to manipulate each effect to get a real wide variety of sounds for a variety of applications. I add only that there is a selector band hi-mid-low for each effect with seven possible combinations and the tremolo to auto-pan. My elecyrix complaint is that the Distortion block could have been a lot rougher-sounding. These unspecified bands are divided into High, Mid, and Low and any of seven different combinations of frequency bands, or any single band can be selected at any time by repeatedly pressing the BAND button.

No input mo–fx control.

A nice feature is that if the Delay is set with m-ofx amount of regeneration the sound will still decay in its own time without cutting off the echo tail even if the Delay effect is switched off. But there lies a problem, it has a tendancy to sound a little bland and samey as with many flangers.

You can get a sound anywhere from short, subtle delay to a beautiful, wide, cavernous one. Only basic level metering. All analogue effects make this machine sound worlds better than the digital Pioneer EFX unit.

The effects can be used singularly or they can be mixed and matched together. This arrangement is useful for rhythmically tapping an effect in or out of a track. Many multi-effects units have a preset wlectrix path configured to run their effects in series from one block to the next. If you are looking to expand and get some time based effects that are not in plug in form, this is a great model to get started with.

Multi effects rack or flat: CD players, record decks, mixing desks, keyboards, you name it. This is a fair approximation of an analogue delay line but it actually sounds more like a cross between a tape delay and an analogue delay, depending on how fast mofx far you adjust the control, still an interesting effect though.


The effects can be used singularly or they can be mixed and matched together. The repeats can get extremely quick and almost crazy sounding. I have also a Kaos pad, and comparison with the Mo FX makes it the best live effect platinum or machines for Balace a touch heavy, warm, or to leave a sound in space with the delay crazy using live techno, drum and bass Also it occasionally results in a certain amount of effect cancellation when two or more effects are active and using the same EQ bands.

I believe the connections are XLR and the unit is rackable. Other uses would be to isolate and effect only certain frequencies, for example: If a sound is passing through the DELAY block while you adjust the SPEED control the sound slurps about slowing down and speeding up for a few seconds while the electronics emulate adjusting to a new speed setting.

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I’ve leectrix it on everything from vocals to guitars and anything else that could use a cool effect or twist to it. As a result, and because all the controls are dedicated to single functions, setting up effects patches is a cinch.

A complete list of transmitted controller numbers is printed in the instruction manual.

If you are looking to expand and get some time based effects that are not in plug in form, this is a great model to get started with.