Machinedrum SPS-1 Sequencer pdf manual download. Also for: Limited warranty Elektron synthesizers are sold with one year full warranty . Documents, presets, manuals Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1UW MKII – Audiofanzine. This document briefly covers the new functions of the new SPS-1UW. User Wave, the sample enabled Machinedrum. Unfortunately the. Users manual has not.

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The drum machine concept is more than 30 years old. Four boxes showing the playback position in the pattern page. Octatrack The Octatrack was a dynamic epektron sampler, featuring eight audio tracks capable of radical sample processing. AG – Enhances the high frequencies of the sound. Damage caused by careless handling improper voltage connected, exposure to damp, abuse etc. A long release time lifts the signal level as a sound RTRG – Sets the number of times a sample will retrig.

The time is manuxl to the tempo.

To receive the data starting from a specified position, you need to: Limited Warranty Limited warranty Elektron synthesizers are sold with one year full warranty. Customer covers cost of shipping machinedum malfunctioning unit from customer to Elektron. It is designed to be an inspirational tool for pattern based rhythms.


Elektron – Machinedrum – User Manual (English)

The pattern will start playing and will loop once it reaches the end. Turn off the machine when it is not in use.

Bends the pitch of the drum up percussion sounds with individual control. Follow these steps to set the MIDI base channel.

Bends the pitch of the drum up or down into the basic pitch. Take me to the Support section. We recom- mend the program C6 which maual be found on the Elektron website. The Q value controls how much the volume is boosted around the low pass and high pass filter cut off frequencies.

The patterns can either be trigged individually from the user interface, trigged by MIDI commands or they can be linked together to form a song. Note that CTRL machines are not affected by this function as active track or otherwise.

The default value is 0, which places a sound in the center. Sidstation Our first product. Then press [PLAY] to clear the pattern. HARD – A higher value gives a harder strike.

Electron Machinedrum SPS-1 User Manual

To exit recording but keep the sequencer playing the pattern, press [PLAY]. Machine Reference Appendix A: This means it will start to play from the begin- ning.


Five different synthesis methods plus sequencing guaranteed a sonic experience unlike anything heard. Analog Heat An eight-in-one stereo analog effects unit. The track effects consist of individual effects for every track. This machine machinedfum play back the captured sample of should be balanced.

Legacy Products | Elektron

DEC – Sets the decay time of the ride. A high value makes the gate open more slowly. It can be used all over the globe without the need of voltage converters using an appropriate power cord.

Con- tact Elektron support or your nearest repair center. HP – High pass filter frequency.

TREM – Depth of the added tremolo. The powerful sequencer was the icing on the cake. Song Mode Accurate playback of a song depends on the patterns it uses being unchanged since saving.

EQG controls the EQ gain.