FCOM 1 LIghtings, Doors, General Quiz · FCOM 2 Air Systems Quiz · FCOM 3 Anti Ice and Rain Quiz · FCOM 4 Automatic Flight Quiz · FCOM 5 Communications. FCOM AIRBUS A | Rating: 5! Documents. FCOM Airbus A → Size: MB. → Date: 3 years ago ( ). → Author: AIRBUS. → Uploaded. I found a FCOM for the BLR/F/ER! THIS ISNT MY UPLOAD! Cool – I found the Emirates FCOM too. Seems lots like to leak:P.

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We are emirattes the process of opening our customer assistance line and will share these details soon but at this stage we have no further information on what may have caused the accident. A large number of aircraft systems were tested with the assistance of the manufacturers and analysis of the data downloaded indicates that emorates were no Aircraft systems or engine abnormalities up to the time of the Accident. The aircraft made ground contact again, skidded along the runway with the right hand engine separating from the aircraft but still being dragged along with the aircraft until the aircraft came to a full stop.

I found this on google!

Improvements identified in the areas of interest will be addressed to the concerned organizations as safety recommendations. Boeing’s next model, theis Copyright – Terms of Usage. Originating from a large European Airline.

The mode remains active even if the airplane touches down while executing the go—around. Download Organic chemistry hornback 2nd edition solutions manual. However, the appendices of the preliminary report show a page out of the Flight Crew Operating Manual see below describing the go around procedure and stating: The flight was cleared to climb to feet, but eventually the aircraft lost height until it struck the runway again.


The aircraft was seriously damaged when a fire broke out on the right wing fclm after touchdown. Smoke and flames were seen trailing its right wing. Structural Design Manual Boeing. Sign In Sign Up. Getting Boeing Fcom Manual is easy and simple.

Boeing 777 Fcom Manual – pdf237.sildenafilhub.com

All on board remained unhurt. The below information includes unofficial information and should be treated as this.

Emirates B fckm Dubai on Aug 3rdlong landing, go around without thrust results in runway impact, aircraft on fire By Simon Hradecky, created Wednesday, Aug fclm A firefighter attending to the aircraft lost his life. According to unconfirmed reports the pilots were initiating a late go-around maneuvre for reasons yet to be determined. Furthermore, the author cannot be held accountable for correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided herein.

The ground impact was heavy. Enough is enough if you don’t want it don’t look at it. The window blinds in first class had moved to their closed position during the impact.

Fco, working trip plane Boeing took off from Travndram International Airport and was scheduled to land at Dubai International Airport at It was Emirates 1st ever aircraft hull loss.

Provide manual and automatic control in pitch, roll and yaw axes. Marks on the runway indicated that the Aircraft slid for approximately meters along the runway with the three landing gears not fully up.

Boeing Fcom Manual – –

The engineer should have a thorough knowledge of the appropriate maintenance manual, and other ICAs, and The aircraft slid along the runway on its belly, left hand engine and outboard right hand wing, an incipient fire started at the underside of the left hand engine, and the aircraft came to a stop adjacent to the intersection with taxiway M The current flight crew operating manual FCOM and the flight crew training manual FCTM used by the Operator contained go-around procedures and the applicable training guidance.


Mayday declared and evacuation initiated.

This topic is now closed to further replies. The Aviation Herald noticed the lack of a significant detail in the narration of passengers mentioned above, there was no mention of sounds of engines spooling up. Fire fighters arrived about one minute after the aircraft came emiraes a stop and began to immediately apply foam. File Library – What’s New.

FCOM AIRBUS A – Documents –

Boeing Freighter – Emirates SkyCargo. Lots of delays and flight cancellations thoughout the next 36 hours was the result. We are expecting a 4-hour network wide delay, more information will be available on the Emirates website and social media channels. Him all Apologies ekirates has been posted but did search but couldn’t find my answer. The director of the GCAA said: Upon contacting tower tower advised the crew to plan to vacate the runway at taxiway M9 and cleared the aircraft to land.

Thank you so much! Other fire tenders arrived on scene without difficulties. Donate to our annual general fund. Cabin crewmembers seated towards the rear of the Aircraft indicated that they thought the main landing gear contacted the runway only fcmo the Aircraft to become airborne again until it impacted the runway.

Wreckage images show the nosegear bay doors still open left image indicating the gear was in transit at the time. Boeing Freighter – Emirates SkyCargo As the first all-new, digitally designed airplane, the Boeing family is the most technologically advanced in the industry.

The instruction was correctly read back.