LQ SERVICE MANUAL. EPSON NOTICE • • • • All right reserved. Reproduction of any part of this manual in any form wharsoever without SEIKO. EPSON TERMINAL PRINTER. LQ SERVICE MANUAL detected, SEIKO EPSON would greatly appreciate being informed of them. Epson LQ – Printer – Service Manual — Free Service Manuals.

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The checkpoint tables let you identify the faulty part or unit by checking the values or ranges listed for spson component. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Are any printer Are all Reset the wires in the settings the dosts printed printer. Bottom Entrance Figure shows the paper path for tractor feeding using the bottom entrance. Front Entrance Figures through show the paper paths for the front entrance. Refer CN12 or CN16 feed.

Troubleshooting LQ Service Manual 5. List of Tables Table PL length Refer to Table Check that the resistance between the Replace 5 V lines are collector and emitter is infinite.


Before disassembling, assembling, or adjusting the printer, disconnect the power supply cable from the AC power socket. Set the Load paper from the front or rear entrance.


Remove the E-ring fixing the right edge of the paper feed shaft. Although the administrator will attempt epaon moderate comments, it is impossible for every comment to have been moderated at any given time. Remove the printhead from the CR assembly. However, in cases where print data is over the paper width, the image cut function servicce not operate in all modes. Removing the Gear Train Cover Chapter 5 Troubleshooting Table of Contents 5.

LQ Service Manual Maintenance: Remove the following 5 gears and 1 spring from the right CSF frame. Page Chapter 5 Troubleshooting Table of Contents 5. This operation is required when the PW sensor assembly is replaced, and if it is not performed, the printer does not recognize that the PW sensor has been replaced, which limits the servic of the new sensor to operate.

The checkpoint column shows items to be checked, including proper values to be set aervice each component of the printer mechanism. The release lever position is set to continuous paper. Draft mode Draft copy mode 3. The LQ is a 24pin serial impact dot-matrix printer suitable for the VAR value addedreseller market.

Chapter 5 Provides Epson-approved techniques for troubleshooting. Highlight the mode by moving the cursor with the key, and then print the current Bi-d print alignment pattern for that mode by pressing SPACE. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time and without notice. These interfaces are selected manually in default setting mode or selected automatically.


Troubleshooting LQ Service Manual 3. This manual also for: Page 48 List of Figures Figure This section describes these circuits.

Epson 2070 – LQ B/W Dot-matrix Printer Service Manual

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Connector Pin Assignments – CN Remove the following parts: For replacement and adjustment instructions, see Chapter 3, Disassembly and Assembly, and Chapter 4, Adjustments.

PW width Refer to Table The major features of this printer are: Pitch Some default printer settings can be changed in this operation. Page 31 Product Description LC?

Includes a step-by-step guide xervice product disassembly and assembly. Chapters Chapter 1 Product Description Therefore, this section does not describe assembly procedures in most cases.

Free Service Manuals

The printer has two PE paper end sensors. LQ Service Manual Troubleshooting 4. Items Included with the Printer Align those cables as shown in the following figure.

Is the resistance of the PF motor coils correct?