Reefer Madness by Eric Schlosser – In Reefer Madness, the best-selling author of Fast Food Nation investigates America’s black market and its far-reaching. REEFER MADNESS: Sex, Drugs, and Cheap Labor in the American Black Market. Eric Schlosser, Author. Houghton Mifflin $23 (p) ISBN In Reefer Madness the best-selling author of Fast Food Nation turns his exacting .. In Reefer Madness, investigative journalist Eric Schlosser exposes three of.

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The schlosswr overall score is the average, weighted to how long each essay is. It appears however that this book is about the black market and how the black market influences all of our lives. Books of the Week.

There are many more. Perhaps Schlosser’s strength in this section stems from his detachment to its outcome.

Observer review: Reefer Madness by Eric Schlosser | From the Observer | The Guardian

Yet today Virginians can receive multi-year prison sentences for growing marijuana plants. Americans support laws that say what they’re doing is wrong and then go out and buy exactly what they’re not supposed to buy. Reefer madness is a look at the underground economy. If Reefdr drug policy is not working with marijuana neither is it working with hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

See 1 question about Reefer Madness…. But this is a book whose concern is only really with America. I recommend this book for people who are interested in political theory. His father, Herbert Schlosser, a former Wall Street lawyer who turned to broadcasting later in his career, eventually became the President of NBC in Schlosser restores to books — and readers — their ability to change the world.

From his first run-in with the law in to his eventual death inSturman waged a personal war on the U. Then, fifteen years later, sponsored life-sentence marijuana legislation! Mark Young of Indiana, who was sentenced to life in prison without parole for his relatively minor role in a marijuana deal; and Reuben Sturman, an enigmatic Ohio man who built and controlled a formidable pornography distribution empire before finally being convicted of tax evasion, after beating a string of obscenity charges.


Schlosser is making a very credible go as a one-man alternative to the network news. In the end, the reader will never look at a doobie, strawberry or porn flick the same way.

REEFER MADNESS: Sex, Drugs, and Cheap Labor in the American Black Market

In three sections, Schlosser, an Atlantic Monthly correspondent, examines the marijuana, migrant labor and pornography trades, offering compelling tales of crime and punishment as well as an illuminating glimpse at the inner workings of the underground economy. In the end of the book, Schlosser does give his opinion on what should be done RE: The first and eponymous essay concerns marijuana trafficking and the societal costs, the second is about migrant workers in the strawberry fields of California, and the closing essay is about the rise of the sex industry.

Oct 03, Louis rated it liked it Shelves: Truth is stranger than fiction, and Schlosser is determined to uncover the truths about areas of American living and business that many people would rather not examine at all in fiction or otherwise.

Schlosser touches a little on the absurdity of the drug war, a subject that riles me up like few others do. He continues to extend the investigative Bush’s huge deficients don’t lessen the world’s love for the Yankee dollar and lead them to adopt the Euro instead!

The underground is a good measure of the progress and health of nations. The “American Way of Life” is in the midst of a malevolent change for the worse for most American citizens. View all 3 comments.

The approach to each subject also seems unrelated, as if their shared theme emerged only after they were written.

Pornography is the worst, erc it jumps around in time and subject from one porn guy to another, and basically just seemed like a jumbled biography of Reuben St I normally really like books written with views that strongly correlate to my scnlosser. Americans can’t do the work and it needs to be done meaning that we need those people.

Young’s a sleazy loser who gets a state-approved anvil dropped on his head.

He is married to Shauna Redford, daughter of Robert Redford, and has two children. Pages to import images to Wikidata All stub articles. Each of the three main sections of the book has a number of remarkable stories.


Marijuana as something without the culture of violence of harder drugs, and fewer effects than alcohol. Edgar Hoover of drug enforcement. Scholosser is very much sympathetic towards the participants in these industries. Each is so well formed on its own that there’s an immediate “fix-up novel” feel to the book.

Hashish to ashes

Particularly mind-boggling are the contracts created by Eriv Produce Incorporated. These migrant workers live in caves schloosser shanty-towns filled with garbage. Once again, interesting food for thought but to feel sufficiently informed about these subjects you’ll have to turn elsewhere for more detailed and channeled knowledge.

All that I would like to see is for the government to make it easier for these workers to get temporary status in the U.

In what other nation can a person receive a lighter sentence for murder than selling a largely harmless drug? The point being there is never an absence of food for thought.

In early 21st century America, there’s no easy way to support anything remotely resembling illegal drugs without making a lot of enemies.

Schlossr covers more than fifty years and discovers Sturman is the man who first used the shady investment techniques that made Enron all-too briefly famous. Basically there are lots of Investigating Reeffer Vices 19 June Written the author of Fast Food Mzdnessthis book contains three case studies that each dealing with an area of the black market: In this book, Schlosser explores the American black market trade, as it has developed around three much different parts of society – the world of marijuana cultivation and sale, the immigrant labor market in California’s fruit fields, and the nearly legitimized pornography industry.

A suitable choice for author might be Eric Schlosser, who knows the genre well, having written Fast Food Nation and, now, Reefer Madness.