He was the son of Richard Flavel, a minister who died of the plague in while in prison for nonconformity. In short, that person must have a very soft head, or a very hard heart, or both, that could sit under his On Keeping the Heart. On Keeping the Heart is a discourse upon Proverbs , “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” Flavel intended this treatise for the. 16 quotes from Keeping the Heart: ‘Providence is like a curious piece of tapestry made of a thousand shreds, which, single, appear useless, but put toget.

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Most of the teaching is about our depravity and our need for repentance but almost nowhere is mentioned how we are seating at the right hand of God and new creations already. The part of this book clavel was most helpful was the 3rd chapter, in which Flavel examines several of the most challenging seasons that the Christian encounters throughout his life.

This book is a detailed look at the heart.

Duties Included in Keeping the Heart This includes in herat six particulars: Your own discontent is that which arms your troubles with a sting; you make your burden heavy by struggling under it. Flavel was convicting but also extremely helpful in showing how important it is that our heart be right with God, and not just everything else, and gives aids for doing so. It even helps with issues such as falling into temptation and desiring revenge.

Keeping the Heart (Puritan Classics)

Finished reading this book on Valentine’s Day. Exhortation to hearty engagedness in keeping the heart. On Keeping the Heart is a discourse upon Proverbs 4: Third felt out of place. Richard Flavel, described as ‘a painful and eminent minister,’ who was incumbent successively of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, Hasler and Willersey, Gloucestershire from which last living he was ejected inwas born in or about at Bromsgrove.


HAIL & FIRE – Free Book: John Flavel: Keeping the Heart ( Edition)

Paperbackpages. Feb 11, Mike E.

It is the hardest work. It seemed to go on and on. Because he will bring you to heaven by a nearer way than you are willing to go?

On the passing of the Act of Uniformity he was ejected, but continued to preach in private until the Five Mile Act drove him from Dartmouth. I believe some of the other versions of this book are abridged, but this was quite lengthy. But if you love the creature in reference to God, and see nothing in it separated from him, though sometimes your affections offend in the excess, this is consistent with sincere love to God.

We may as well be our own saviours, as our own keepers; and yet Solomon speaks properly enough, when he says, Keep thy heart; because the duty is ours, though the power be God’s.

There is a lot of repetition, as many of the encouragements are the same across these varied situations, but the substance is incredibly meaty.

On the granting of the indulgence of he returned to Dartmouth, and continued to officiate there even after the liberty to do so was withdrawn. Oct 23, Steve Hazell rated it really liked it. No wonder our hearts can be far from God. Keeping the Heart is a discourse upon Proverbs 4: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

If these be for their advantage, experience teaches us that no condition is ordinarily blessed with such fruits as these, like an afflicted condition. This book should probably be read by every Christian at least annually it’s short, you can read it in a couple of hours. In the end he found himself obliged to remove to London, travelling by sea and narrowly escaping shipwreck in a storm, which is said to have ceased in answer to his prayers.


No ‘God will make it better’ talk for him–just practical, realistic, biblical wisdom.

Keeping the Heart by John Flavel

A 15th century Apology written by an English Lollard. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, in its commands, its promises, its threatenings; let it be fixed in your understanding, your memory, your conscience, your affections. Return to Book Page.

Keeping the heart in the time of prosperity. Though the world be in your hands, let it not banish Christ out of your hearts. It includes a constant and holy jealousy hfart our onto hearts.

When we are warned by sickness that our dissolution is at hand He had the strong conviction, that saints ueart be marked by their holiness, therefore matters of the heart were of the utmost importance in the Christian life.

On 27 Aprilhe was sent by ‘the standing committee of Devon’ to Diptford, a parish on the Avon, five miles from Totnes, where the minister, Mr. Nonetheless, this is an excellent little book on the importance of a right heart.