The author of this book is available for helping with DocBook or other XML publishing projects. Installing FOP · Using FOP · Using other XSL-FO processors. Docbook is easy to learn, easy to write, and does things other text To output to PDF, tell FOP to register your fonts with your file. And since my entire DocBook chain was built from open source, I had to use Apache FOP. Apache FOP has a long history. For some reason, it.

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DocBook toolchains can also optionally generate separate chunked linked HTML pages for each document section. Getting the tools working. Of course there was the occasional warning that we were all expected to use StarOffice, but by making sure the DocBook generated output focbook the printed material produced by HQ, it never turned into a big argument.

Dlcbook starters I do not use any PHP code in my documentation so I do not have the need for Phing tasks that take care of syntax highlighting program listings yet. This produces a more usable index. Although most people will run FOP using its included convenience scripts, it is useful to know where the files are. You will most likely want to process bitmap graphics in your document.

When you view a PDF file’s document properties in the reader, it may show title, author, subject, and keywords information. After playing fore the most part of the day with DocBook and various utilities I decided to write it down for future reference.

You can change what the message says in a customization layeror you could define it as an empty template there to turn off the message entirely. Here is a quick description of some of the features:. FOP will convert a.

You probably want the binary version rather than the source version. Introduction How this book is organized Online resources for finding solutions to problems Chapter docbooo. You can download the JAI files from http: Since I do not like to repeat myself I wanted a system that is capable of generating documentation in variety of formats, PDF being the most important one.


FOP is distributed as a zip file, which can be opened on almost all systems. Most of them are commercial products, but they are in serious competition on price and features, which benefits the user community. That site will also provide you with detailed instructions for getting started with FOP.

With this in place, making the plugin use this font is pretty easy. Some products provide a command line interface or convenience script.

DocBook, FOP and Fonts

FOP has built-in support for some graphics formats, but some popular formats such as PNG are not supported natively. These drivers are also used by a2x 1. Linux users can docbopk download a gzipped tar file.

Depending on the memory configuration of your machine, your FOP process may fail on large documents with a java. The examples that follow are executed from the distribution documentation. A software framework that allows software components to work together.

From DocBook to PDF using Apache FOP | Goran Jurić

FOP is also a Java program, so it is easy to install, especially if you already are using Java programs such as Saxon or Xalan. You can use the fonts name in all places where the stylesheets are referring to a font name. All of the arguments to the command are in the form of options, docbooo they can be presented in any order.

DocBook is the first thing that came to mind, but as it is usually the case the things are not so simple as they should be. Take a look ad DocBook samples he provides. The sourceDirectory parameter is pointing to a directory containing the.

The lib directory has other. So the below will change the body font to Calibri.

Chapter 5. DocBook

Note Use the stylesheet parameter fop1. It is used internally by FOP. It may be that your system is not allocating enough memory to the Java Virtual Machine.


That message comes from a template named root. That is, if you customize them. In order to reap the benefits from these metrics files, you ffop need to tell the Maven Docbkx Plugin what to do with it.

I will not go into details on validating DocBoox syntax, but it is recommended that you validate your files because I guess it is faster than invoking Apache FOP to generate you PDF and realising that somewhere at the dcbook of your documentation there is a syntax error. These are useful for automated batch processing of many documents, so you do not have to open them one at a time in a graphical interface.

Some provide extension elements and processing instructions to enable features that are not covered in the XSL-FO 1. Skiing as an agile vs waterfall metaphor. The stylesheets are used in conjunction with an XML parser such as xsltproc 1. Apache FOP is providing some utilities for generating font metrics, however none of that is based on Maven.

Stylesheet options Chapter 6. In Antenna House, the extension element is axf: Program listings Formatting listings Tab expansion Fitting text Full-width examples Reducing font size Breaking long lines External code files Missing text Using XInclude for text inclusions Annotating program listings Line annotations Line numbering Callouts Callouts on imported text Callouts on graphics Syntax highlighting Chapter For a long time, version 0.

Feel free to plough through the FOP documentation to understand what it is about. You should never turn on the extensions for a processor you are not using, or you will likely get a lot docbooi error messages from the XSL-FO processor that does not understand the extra code. In Antenna House, an extension attribute named axf: