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For those who are attending the upcoming International Tesla Reactog Julywe hope to have the car at the symposium for demonstration as well as our smaller prototypes. Put quite simply, the exhaust heat is transferred to constructon incoming fuel vapor, which must be maintained in a vacuum, and the overall configuration provides a molecular breakdown within the vacuum of all of the heavier elements. Many sincere people have turned their backs and walked away, because of the input of knowledge of others who laugh and say it is absolutely not possible.

The thermal pretreater may be mounted, preferably concentrically, inside the exhaust conduit to be heated by the exhaust gases. Other plasma generators using outside applied power seem to have less technological reason and practical use than the GEET fuel processor which requires no outside power.

The method of this invention is practiced by starting internal combustion engine 20 using starting fuel 24 obtained from starting fuel tank A steel reactor gert has been found satisfactory as have stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and ceramic reactor rods.

For a cubic inch V-8 Chevrolet engine, a reaction tube of about one-half inch inside diameter is placed substantially concentrically in an exhaust pipe from the engine. A number is also being considered if needed for technical support for the free plans.

GEET Reactor Construction Details

This is a shareware release for “Private Use Only” to convert small gasoline stationary electric generators up to 10 kW! Then dipping a finger in the exhaust port to get some soot to rub on wide masking tape taped over the ports.

Pretreated fuel 68 is directed into intake manifold 29 where it becomes the fuel source for internal combustion engine We will make a full demonstration of the engine. Many have asked what the true value of this technology is. The pretreatment makes it possible for the fuel burning equipment to utilize as its fuel source fuels or other materials that are generally considered as not being suitable fuels for such fuel burning equipment.

MASER emission might also occur in this cavity, which might accelerate the formation of magnecules. The size of the Field zone must coincide with the fuel and parameters with specific constructionn, dependent on the fuel demand.

Patent applications have been filed for the US and foreign Countries. We also set up a newsgroup and FAQ for experimenters to exchange information and new discoveries. If wet fuel gets on the reaction rod it will stop running, you’ll have to dry your rod and hoses out. Because most chemical reactions involve polarized molecules while ordinary gases are unpolarized, magnegases release far more energy than expected from the combustion of their unpolarized counterparts.


To increase the amount of teet dioxide dissolved, the pressure should be maximal and the water circulated.

Many attempts to use the external electrical mechanical devices to enhance the production of Plasma in the GEET Fuel Processor have all failed to show any promise, such as the Plasmatron. Put quite simply the exhaust heat is transferred to the incoming fuel, which is in a vacuum, and the overall configuration provides a molecular breakdown within the vacuumthe speed of the molecular reaction, or breakdown, is greatly magnified.

A portion of the exhaust may even be bubbled through the alternate fuel to assist in the volatilization of the alternate fuel. You can hang it from the mower handle if you like later after it’s started. Exhaust 18 is produced by an internal combustion engine 20 which can be any suitable internal combustion engine ranging in size from a small, one-cylinder internal combustion engine to a large, multicylinder internal combustion engine.

Volatilization chamber 12 is enclosed in an exhaust plenum 17 through which a stream of exhaust 18 passes. I began working on the original concept of better mileage over fifteen years ago, During the fifteen years of testing and research, I was able to achieve the goals of ZERO pollution, while running internal combustion engines on fuel such as crude oil, battery acid, cleaning solvents, even gasoline The elemental components of the GEET Fuel Processor allow the transfer of virtually all the generated heat into the plasma, which further stabilizes the electromagnetic field, as well as increases the electron flow at any specific need, on demand.

Air-Conditioning supply houses carry flare fittings if you have difficulty finding them. The corresponding magnetically polarized gas is called a Magnegas TM.

Andreas Kurt Richter, spent most of a week at the inventors geef as a house guest. Exhaust 18b represents a portion of exhaust 18 and passes through plenum chamber 17 surrounding volatilization chamber 12 prior to exiting exhaust conduit Volatilized fuel 66 is drawn reacotr inlet 51 thence through reaction chamber 56 of reactor tube The presence of the reactor rod has been found important to operation consturction the invention.

Pretreated fuel 68 is then directed through an intake line 53 which is an extension of reactor tube 52 into intake manifold The make up of the reactor rod does not appear to be important. The savings aren’t that much on a small project like this. This invention relates to fuel burning coonstruction and, more particularly, to a novel fuel pretreater apparatus and method for making reactof possible for such fuel burning equipment to utilize as a fuel a material not otherwise considered suitable as a fuel for such equipment.

When the ideal plasma reaction has been created is the time to begin increase or decreasing all parameters involved at their respective equal, or balanced, increments to satisfy an increase or decrease in the plasma flow. I am still seeking scientists, doctors, manufacturers, and all other professionals to assist detwils, not only in this but hundreds of other inventions and products and concepts.


One does not consider crude oil or recycled materials such as used motor oil, cleaning solvents, paint thinner, alcohol, and the like, as a suitable fuel source for an internal combustion engine. They knew the engine worked and would be controversial and suggested that I try to market the device the device in third world countries.

TeslaTech Resource Center — GEET Fuel Processor Small Engine Construction Plans

With the proper team of open minded scientists, this technology should be easily understood. The exact length of the Plasma generation chamber needs to be fully adjustable, to compensate for changes in the molecular density or massive expansions of the fuel being used for Plasma. In a letter, derails July 3,Dr.

The turbulent mixing of volatilized fuel 66 as it passes through reactor 50 in combination with the detaisl energy imparted to it from exhaust 18 along with what is believed to be a catalytic reaction therein initiated by reactor rod 54 produces a pretreated fuel Leave the optional back pressure valve open, open constriction throttle and mixture valve about halfway, and start the engine by varying the air mixture valve.

Similar dimensions have been found satisfactory for use with single cylinder engines ractor as those having up to about fifteen horsepower.

Solar energy can be used at a later detail to release the oxygen taken up by the reducing metal and recycle it. Fuel 24 enters internal combustion engine 20 through an intake manifold 29 either through carburetion or fuel injection not shownboth of which are conventional systems for introducing fuel 24 into internal combustion engine 20 and are, therefore, not shown herein but only indicated schematically through the depiction of intake manifold Richter states, I am a consultant to Paul Pantone in the search for the construchion and technical explanations to understand the operation of this energy device.

Use Black Pipe here because galvanized pipe gives off toxic fumes if heated too much. Thus, this system has several positive points. By simply changing the position of the electrode to the center of the plasma field, the turbulence is eliminated, thus more usable energy is created.

With it, There is no need for catalytic converters, smog pumps and many other costly items on carsas the GEET fuel processor is not just a fuel delivery system it is also a pollution elimination unit!