Alloplastic chin implants and sliding genioplasty represent the 2 the test of time , and still remains a valued procedure for the facial surgeon. Genioplasty, also known as “chin augmentation surgery” or a “chin lift”, During sliding genioplasty, we cut the chin bone, a procedure called an osteotomy. “Genioplasty is a more versatile technique than an implant,” Rodger Wade Pielet, M.D., tells. Cosmetic Surgery Times. Although the procedure.

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The surgical correction of mandibular prognathism and retrognathia with consideration of genioplasty. Complications of genioplasty done alone or in combination with sagittal split-ramus osteotomy. Genioplasty, also known, as a chin augmentation is a surgical procedure used to improve the appearance of the chin and jaw.

Genioplasty (Chin Augmentation) Melbourne | Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

A soft diet is mandatory for a week following surgery due to the surgical wound in the chin or inside the mouth. The actual osteotomy is made with a reciprocating saw and finalized, if necessary, with a chisel.

Management and avoidance of complications in chin augmentation.

The concern of medical tourists is that a private physician or clinic may charge them more than a local patient. Lindquist and Obeid 11 reported an altered sensation of the lower lip as 1 complication of genioplasty.

It is normal for surgeons to use pre-bent titanium plates and screws, which sizes range from 3mm to 8mm, to hold the modified chin in place following the surgery. Chin Implants Surgical chin implants may be chosen for patients who wish to enlarge of push forward the appearance of the chin. Asia’s Largest Physician Network DocDoc has Asia’s largest healthcare physician network with 23, doctors, clinics and 55 hospitals from various specialties throughout the region.


National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. DocDoc is run by a group of professionals who have been medical tourists. At DocDoc, we believe that it’s unfair for a doctor in private practice to discriminate against someone because they are flying overseas for care. There were also no significant complications observed during a 2-year follow-up period. Your Questions Answered Infrared saunas promise a number of health benefits, from weight loss and decreased stress levels to improved circulation and even better skin.

Your surgeon uses a saw to cut a small vertical line in the chin for reference. It is normal to experience some pain and swelling during the first few days or weeks, but these tend to resolve without treatment or with the use of mild pain reliever.

The authors have no financial interest to declare in relation to the content of this article. Your surgeon will prescribe the appropriate pain medication, as you will still experience discomfort in the days following surgery.

Generally, we advise patients to take one week off work following genioplasty surgery. Learn how to get rid of a double chin with exercises, diet, and more.

The gum inside the mouth is stitched back into place with dissolvable stitches that can take a fortnight or even longer to fall out. Surgical procedures to correct mandibular prognathism and reshaping of the chin. You may notice swelling, redness, or bruisingwhich genioplsaty go away after a few days. The Patient’s Journey Glossary.

Minimally Invasive Genioplasty Procedure

Surgical Intervention For the comfort of genioplasgy patient, the surgery is performed under general anesthesia nasotracheal intubation. Many patients are pleasantly surprised to find out that genioplasty is not a particularly painful procedure.


To ensure that the risk of infection is minimised, you will also be given a course of antibiotics. Most of the swelling can procedurd after a fortnight but there is often some subtle. Genioplasty is a type of surgery done on the chin.

Genioplasty (Chin Augmentation)

Then the soft tissue is separated from the chin bone. Several techniques have been described to enhance chin appearance. Subsequently, the osteotomy is commenced by marking a horizontal groove with a small Lindeman drill on both sides, from the lower border toward the midline.

The aim of the minimally invasive genioplasty MIG procedure presented in this article was to reduce postoperative dysfunction and recovery time and promote optimal functional recuperation of the mentalis muscles. If genioppasty choose to have a nonsurgical implant, your doctor may inject dermal fillers or some of your own fat following liposuction.

There are many misconceptions about what panic attacks look and feel like. The pressure bandage is removed 1 week after surgery.

The operation is carried out from the inside of your mouth so proceduge there are no visible scars on the skin of your face. If you have been referred for genioplasty surgery, fill out our patient registration form here!

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