The city has proposed a number of water treatment and conservation projects the cost of which raises water bills high enough so that even. Please do not advertise on our forums. Thank you. For students who might have read this before I deleted it, hopefully I don’t have to tell you. GMAT-GWD-TN-1 – GMAT考试必备——GWD第一套.

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The second paragraph examines the wgd of a problem presented in the first paragraph. The spacing of the four holes on a fragment of a bone flute excavated at a Neanderthal campsite is just what is required to play the third through sixth notes of the diatonic scale—the seven-note musical scale used in much of Western music since the Renaissance.

several GWD questions – GMAT逻辑专区

Part of this effort has been to deny inmates the access they formerly had to college-level courses. Yet high rates of straying can be problematic because misdirected fish may interbreed with the GWD1-Q9: As a consequence, their rates of straying, initially 16 percent, rose to more than 40 percent overall.

That twenty-one ceramic dog figurines were discovered during the excavating Twenty-one ceramic dog figurines discovered at the excavation Discovering twenty-one ceramic dog figurines at the excavating Ceramic dog figurines, twenty-one of which were discovered during excavating E The discovery of twenty-one ceramic dog figurines during the excavation?

Which of the following most logically completes the argument below? Heavy rains during Centralia’s corn planting season prevented some farmers there from planting corn. It is now the planting season for soybeans, another of Centralia’s principal crops, and those fields originally intended for corn are dry enough for planting.

The second paragraph provides an explanation for the occurrence of a situation described in the first paragraph. That twenty-one ceramic dog figurines were discovered during the excavating of a 1,year-old Hohokam village in Tempe, Arizona, has nearly doubled the number of these artifacts known gmwt exist. They created an ideology that justified the inclusion of women in party politics.


Since many local businesses in Florida cater to retirees, this decline is likely to have a noticeably negative economic effect on these businesses. How to get 6. Faulty voting equipment, confusing ballots, voter error, and problems at polling places have been cited by a new study of the United States presidential election, which estimated that they gwv not count 4 million to 6 million of the million votes cast.

Florida attracts more people who move from one state to another when they retire than does any other state. Go to My Error Log Learn more.

Almost a decade after New York State passed laws to protect patients by reducing the grueling hours worked by medical residents, twelve hospitals have been investigated by state medical officials, finding that all twelve consistently break the laws, many residents work longer than 24 hours straight, and gwc more than half the surgical residents work more than 95 hours a week.

Farm laborers who are responsible for the manual weeding of crops carry out other agricultural duties at times in the growing season when extensive weeding is not necessary. Low levels of straying are crucial, since the process provides a source of novel genes and a mechanism by which a location can gwr repopulated should the fish there disappear.

If the information given as facts above is true, which of the following must also be true? In one region, agriculturists are attempting to improve gmwt by encouraging farmers to plant a new variety of sweet potato called SPK that is rich in beta-carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A.

For most people with yards, the savings from converting to a water-conserving landscape cannot justify the expense of gd landscaping, since typically the conversion would save less than twenty dollars on a homeowner’s yearly water bills.

The proportion of Sandonians attempting to quit smoking who succeed in that attempt gd probably decrease during the next five years.

In the United States, of the bmat who moved from one state to another when they retired, the percentage who retired to Florida has decreased by three percentage points over the past ten years. It is illegal to advertise prescription medications in Hedland except directly to physicians, either by mail or in medical journals.


The inventor of the machine claims that it will reduce labor costs by virtually eliminating the need for manual weeding. To develop more accurate population forecasts, demographers have to know a great deal more than now gwx the social and economic determinants of fertility.

The information above most strongly supports which of the following predictions about the effects of implementing the Sandonian government’s plan? However, since children seldom develop serious complications from influenza, no significant public health benefit would result from widespread vaccination of children using the nasal spray.

The number of Sandonians who gmar smoking during the next five years will probably exceed the number who quit during the last five years.

GMAT Strategy

A commuter diatom has an unusually accurate biological clock, a consequence of the unrelenting environmental pressures to which it is subjected; any diatoms that do not burrow before the tide arrives are washed away. Sign In Join now. However, this conclusion is almost certainly false.

The primary purpose of the passage is to? Signing up is freequick, and confidential. This is not to suggest that the period of this biological clock is immutably fixed.

GMAT Verbal 套题 GWD-TN-2 QQ智课

It is the cost of the project that raises the bills. Consequently, the strategy to maximize overall profit from a new product is to gad less than the greatest possible price. Although some rivers have been recolonized, the unique genes of the original populations have been lost.