Product Identifier according to Art of Reg. (EC) No / [CLP]. Grazon* 90; Triclopyrbutoxyethyl ester; Hydrocarbons, C9, aromatics;. Hydrocarbons. Order Grazon 90 online today with delivery available nationwide throughout Ireland – Best prices for 1L bottle of Grazon Grazon Pro Weed Killer Spray takes over from the well-known favourite Grazon 90 – But still continues to offer the best control via a knapsack on weeds such as.

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This product replaces the previously registered product Grazon At the same time, we have a commitment gfazon deliver at least one new product in the UK each year — a promise that we have met over the past five years and which we will continue to meet from our on-going investment in research and development.

Grazon 90 Pro 1litre Spray

Do not spray in drought, very hot graozn very cold weather conditions. These products are noted as only being available within the Republic of Ireland on the individual product pages There may be an addition charge on certain bulky items.

Keep livestock out of treated areas for at least 7 days and until foliage of any poisonous weeds such as ragwort has died and become unpalatable. Use the spray immediately.

Grazon Pro 1 L – Paddock Weed Killer

Do not apply directly to, or allow spray drift to come into contact with agricultural or horticultural crops, amenity plantings, gardens, ponds, lakes or watercourses. If there is a delay with your order for any reason grazzon will be contacted immediately. By browsing this website, you agree to our use of cookies. Formally Grazon 90, PCS Grason Pro is a selective weed killer that is ideal for the control of all major grassland weeds including nettles, docks, broom, gorse, brambles and thistles.


Grazon Pro is ideal for spot treating weeds without causing harm to the grass. All damages must be reported to us via phone or email within 24hours of receipt of goods. This charge will be clearly marked gtazon an applicable products and will be explained on the checkout ggrazon before payment has been made.

A typical timeline for a refund to show in your account is up to 10 working days from the date processed, depending on your bank.

These products are noted as only being available within the Republic of Ireland on the individual product pages. Please enter your postcode to calculate delivery charges, if applicable.

Grazon 90 Pro 1litre Spray – Animal Farmacy

Grazon Pro is rainfast within 2 hours Application: Livestock can return to grazing after 7 days. Reviews 0 Reviews There are no reviews yet. For all rgazon latest Product promotions and updates, please sign up to our newsletter. Spray in June-August when actively growing but before plants begin to senesce in the autumn. All returns must be the complete product which includes boxes, manuals and accessories that may have been include with the order.

Faulty goods will be replaced or credited in full within 28 days of purchase. Packaging All returns must be the complete product which includes boxes, manuals and accessories that may have been include with the order.

Purchases may be opened for inspection but must not be used and must be repackaged securely in the original packaging if you wish to return it. Please hold off on returning products until a member of our team has called you to confirm.

If the grass has been cut for hay or silage or grazed leave for weeks to allow sufficient re-growth to occur before spraying. Blaster 1L A foliar acting herbicide for the control of perennial broad-leaved weeds including nettles, docks, thistles and brambles, broom and gorse in established grassland.


Grazon Pro can be used to stop weed problems from getting worse or even just for tidying up around the farm. Nettles, docks, thistles, brambles, broom grzon gorse Always read the label and all enclosed information Before use.

It is essential that, particularly with large bushes, all the foliage is thoroughly wetted or incomplete kill may result. Download the Grassland app: If you have any access restrictions for lorries or large vehicles please speak to our sales team on Share Facebook Email WhatsApp. On large well established docks, or where there is a high reservoir of seed in the soil a second dose the following year may be required. Our science has developed brands that have stood the test of time, delivering top class performance for decades.

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Grazon Pro – 1 Litre. Your email address will not gtazon published. If we discover goods have been used or there has been a loss in trazon of the goods due to damage to the goods, while in your care or whilst being returned to us, we will reduce the amount refunded, which may amount to the full cost of the product, to cover loss of value of goods. We ship to all mainland countries within the EU.

This website uses cookies to provide you with the best experience. Spot treatment for docks, thistles and nettles.