public management, such as a more entrepreneurial alignment of universities in single federal states of Germany (Hochschulfreiheitsgesetz NRW ) [8]. public management, such as a more entrepreneurial alignment of universities in single federal states of Germany (Hochschulfreiheitsgesetz NRW ) [12]. Nordrhein-Westfalen: Hochschulfreiheitsgesetz (HFG) vom (GVBl. , consulted.

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On 29 April, the Senate approves a mission statement for the BUW including six interdisciplinary profile lines. Thus, within systems of quality assurance, the legislature must at least establish procedural and organisational safeguards to protect the freedom of research and teaching: This would ensure rather than rule out that sufficient leeway is left for peer review and technical expertise within the responsible bodies.

In response, the university administration establishes division 6, dedicated to studies, teaching and quality management; this new division commences operations on 1 October.

The School of Education — inaugural ceremony held on 29 October — aims to strengthen school-focused educational research and optimise hoxhschulfreiheitsgesetz training offered to students aiming to become teachers; it was officially established and given school status on 9 March.

With respect to quality assurance in higher education, the legislature must also establish a comprehensive structure in which decision-making powers and participation rights, influence, information hochschulfreiheltsgesetz monitoring, are designed in a manner that avoids jeopardising free academic teaching cf.

This does not exceed the margin of appreciation and prognosis granted to the legislature in determining necessity cf. A new General Studies course commences on 17 October, the start of the new semester: There are also no statutory provisions regarding the initiation of the procedure [as is the case in another Land ], the accreditation procedure; the legal nature of the decision taken by the agencies and the accreditation council of the Accreditation Foundation, the consequences of non-compliance with conditions imposed by the agencies; or regarding the time periods between re-accreditations.

Wie das Hochschulfreiheitsgesetz Hochschulen noch freier machen könnte

Klaus Helbing, has therefore opened up a new branch of astronomy. The university management is now supervised by the Ministry. See general information about how to correct material in RePEc. Accordingly, academic teaching must take into account the purpose of professional training and the related fundamental rights of students cf. This generic and unspecific reference does not allow those subject to the law to deduce from the legal provisions the intensity of the interference with their hchschulfreiheitsgesetz rights.


On 23 July, the second University Council is elected for a period of five years. It is financed and controlled by higher education institutions, business associations, expert and professional associations, as well as social-partnership organisations; the agency itself was first accredited in December and re-accredited in June The legal requirements for state recognition also do not constitute a sufficiently comprehensive basis for decisions on accreditation.

The determination of what is essential derives from the key principles of the Basic Law, and most hochschulfreiheitegesetz from the fundamental rights enshrined therein.

NRW Higher Education Autonomy Act — Universität Bonn

The requirement that study programmes at higher education institutions be accredited bears on the scope of protection of Art. According to an announcement made on 8 June, Wuppertal-based particle physicists Prof. This applies to so-called fixed references to legal provisions in a specified version of another statute.

In order to avoid potential external control that would be academically inadequate, sufficient participation by academics is indispensable, especially in the process of determining evaluation criteria. The rule of law and the principle of democracy require the legislature itself to enact provisions that are essential for the realisation of fundamental rights in this regard cf.

Ursula Kocher, literary scholar at the BUW. As the referred provisions already fail to satisfy the requirements of Art. The Centre for Continuing Education ZWBwhich opened on 6 October, offers programs in the humanities, natural sciences, mathematics, technology, the social sciences and economics.

This scope of protection covers the university of applied sciences as a private higher education institution and is affected by procedures involving the evaluation of academic teaching.

Redevelopment – University & Services – UNIVERSITY OF WUPPERTAL

However, the referred provisions fail to satisfy the substantive requirements of Art. Research and teaching is, in principle, an area of autonomous responsibility free from external control; this is because the academic sphere can best fulfil its role if it is free from considerations of its social usefulness or its political expediency cf. Lambert Koch as Rector. In contrast, dynamic references [that refer to both the current version and future versions of a statute] are only permissible within the limits set by the principles of the rule of law, democracy, and federalism cf.

At the time, it was found that the legislature could, within its margin of appreciation and prognosis, establish a model under which the evaluation criteria were not determined by the legislature itself nor by external actors, but were rather left to an internal process within higher education institutions subject to the requirement that academia itself be sufficiently involved cf.


A higher education degree can only enable access to professions if the degree programme confers specific qualifications, if potential employers recognise its quality, and if the degree can be compared with other degrees on the labour market. The decisive factor is that, in practice, the legislature essentially made accreditation mandatory. This winter semester also sees the start of a new course in Special Education places offered.

Likewise, it must be ensured that the criteria chosen are sufficiently open — e. In contrast, there is no provision on whether, gochschulfreiheitsgesetz to what extent, agency committees and the accreditation council are bound by the views of the evaluation experts [ The referring Administrative Court considers the Land law upon which this refusal was based to be unconstitutional.


The referral is admissible. If you are a registered author of this item, you may also want to check the “citations” tab in your RePEc Author Service profile, as there may be some citations waiting for confirmation. It was founded and recognised as a higher education institution by the state in More about this item JEL classification: On 1 September, the new Rectorate embarks on its second period in office with two new Vice-Rectors, Prof.

However, like other universities in NRW, the BUW declares its willingness to enter into talks with the state government in order to find a compromise.

Building K, the new academic building consisting of one large lecture room with seats, a smaller lecture room with seats, seminar rooms and a foyer for events, opens on 22 June.

The accreditation requirement constitutes complete preventive monitoring, which must be renewed regularly, due to the generally applicable time limits [ Thus, the fundamental right to freedom of research and teaching does not stand in the way of requirements to ensure proper academic teaching cf.

In any case, the Act on the Higher Education Institutions does not contain any mention of the Act on the Accreditation Foundation to begin with.