Payment Services . Credit Card Monthly and Per Transaction Limit Reviews . immediately, prior to any Card Cancellation Form being sent. . The only person authorized to use an FIU Departmental Card is the Cardholder whose Even as the council of Payment Card Industry Data Security . that is stolen from application forms or other lost or discarded documents. Also make sure that the website uses the ‘https’ protocol instead of ‘http’, where ‘s’ stands for ‘secure’. * Anti-virus software: While banks deploy ATM network security. With the Visa/Mastercard credit cards, you can trigger specific error codes by using the . , Method GET is not allowed, Your Payment form has to use POST the HTTP call failed for some reason – a timeout or anti-virus/plugin/ extension.

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According to an article published by Square on payment card processing best practicesyou will need to include the following additional information on the authorization form:. He is requested to confirm this information before proceeding to the secure payment page. To protect your customers against fraudulent activities, such as the manipulation of sensitive card data card number, CVCdifferent security checks for the merchant template were made available.

Uttp ultra-flexible form with choice of paying for a single transaction charge or an ongoing authorization.

We recommend explicitly testing the behaviour of this field for every payment method. Therefore, our system requires authoriation use of an SHA signature.

If a dynamic template is submitted with a transaction, but dynamic templates are not allowed, then the template will be blocked and our system authorkzation use the static template instead.

This is where the cardholder reports an unauthorized transaction and attempts to have the charges reversed. For each order, our system performs a request to retrieve your dynamic template page. Integrate with Ingenico ePayments e-Commerce. Allow customers to authorize others to make limited charges to their card i. If the result is not identical, the order will be declined. On the next pages we explain you how to integrate your website or shop with our online secure payment page.


Before you send your credit card information online, over the phone or by mail, it helps to think like a hacker. This information is then used to make ATM withdrawals or conduct online or offline transactions. Technical information page 3. Did you find this information helpful?

Credit Card Authorization Form Templates

If there is no static template configured, then the authorizayion Ingenico ePayments template will be used. For employees and managers hytp the hospitality.

This can then be used for unauthorised transactions. Efficiency — When capturing customer and payment information, instead of having to complete and store multiple forms, you can use a single credit card authorization form. Personalized Personalization cookies are used for social media and advanced personalization. Build the payment page in a way that it reflects your brand and the needs of your customers at the moment of proceeding to a payment, concluding with a coherent shopping funnel and increasing your conversion.

You can use the redirection on the redirection URLs to authoriztion automatic back-office tasks such as doca updates. Personalization cookies are used for social media and advanced personalization. Customer name Will be pre-initialised but still editable in the Customer Name field of the credit card details.

If you have high transaction volumes or a large template page e. You can send us two extra parameters in the hidden fields of the order form, in order to retrieve them as feedback parameter after the transaction. URL of the web page to display to the customer when the payment result is uncertain status 52 or It ensures you an optimized conversion on both desktop and mobile devices.

Integrate with Ingenico ePayments e-Commerce

Merchant or point-of-sale theft This is perhaps the simplest and most effective form of stealth, wherein your card is taken by the salesperson for swiping and the information from the magnetic strip is copied to be used later for illegal transactions. Configuration in your account The split functionality can also be activated and configured per payment method, in your Ingenico ePayments account. The operator deactivates your original SIM and the thief generates one-time password OTP on the phone to conduct online transactions.

  BGI 5106 PDF

If sending sensitive information, consider using a document storage site such as Dropbox, or Oneshar. All the communication between our e-Commerce platform and the customer is securely encrypted. If in doubt, please respect the order as displayed in the SHA-list; For extra safety, we request that you use different SHA passphrases in test and production.

Avoid credit, debit card frauds: Credit, debit card frauds and how you can avoid them

The customer can confirm or cancel the payment request. You can skip the following demo template customization section if you do not plan to customize your payment page.

When the transaction has been processed, your customer is requested to return to this URL via a button. Horizontally grouped logos with no group names 2: The block of code you need to paste into the last page of your shopping basket is shown below:. Each parameter with forme value is followed by a passphrase.

These trick you into revealing your dosc, PIN or account number. Keeping proper records of completed and signed forms also ensures that you are protected from potentially fraudulent transactions.

If your post-payment page replies with: When you use a dynamic template page, you fully design your own template page, leaving just one area in that page to be completed by our system. It may be that you have ongoing or recurring charges with a customer.

If you have a post-payment page configured in the Technical information page in your account, but you have several shops each connected to a specific directory hthp receiving the post-payment feedback, part of your post-payment URL can be variable.

The default values are flagged if you don’t add any parameters.