Analize konkurentu mob_web. views. Share; Like; Download Analize konkurentu mob_web. 1. Tabs; 2. Product filters; 3. Facebook. Daži no faktoriem, kas ietekmē jaunu konkurentu rašanos ir: tirgus barjeras, kas traucē jaunu dalībnieku ienākšanu;. Konkurentų analizė+ raktinių žodžių analizė + SEO auditas.

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All raised tasks are implemented, using Kalman filtering distance traveled is calculated successful.

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I have calculated that after a fiver year period the project will be profitable. Darbo apimtis — 57 psl. Analoze etape naudojant Google Cardboard biblioteka sukurtos papildomos projekto funkcijos. Competitive advantage is one of the principles of modern economics and strategy is a tool by which is achieved competitive advantage.

Based on the assignment the ECG sensor was succesfully created and ahalize. At work mentioned similar irrigation systems and work principles of it. In this work, 3 direct-propagation convolutional neural networks are created using open source libraries.

The main goal of the final bachelor thesis is to perform an economic validation analysis of beehive monitoring system.

Thesis consist of 57 pages text without appendixes, 35 illustrations, 10 tables, 12 program code scrolls, 3 annexes. The aim of the work is to create a virtual laboratory with the most commonly used signal measurement equipment – oscilloscope and signal generator.

Structural and functional schemes are created. Although online media declares that sales of advertisement are not related with the content and it is not influenced, the reality reflects other matters.

I have found out that after a three years period our project will be profitable, but we need a larger budget in order to avoid financial difficulties during the first year of our project. Integrated security and monitoring system. In bachelor’s thesis a prototype of electronic notebook was developed in purpose to take multiple notes and store them on the smartphone. Analysis of the task, the review of analogous systems, the creation electronic notebook, the realization of electronic notebook, the verification electronic notebook, the summary of results Thesis consist of: The electrocardiograph satisfies the requirements of the assignment: The normality of the distribution of numerical variables was tested by Kolmogorov-Smirnov test.


In this system a goal was set to create a fully functioning system, that provides user a full control over every electronic price tag in the graphical user interface.

Students name, surname Saimonas Razokas. The work began with analysis of virtual equipment and software presented by different manufacturers, with their main characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

Vilnius,59 p. Students name, surname Marius Lunius. Subject Acceleration of the Object Tracking Algorithms. The main objective of this final thesis is to create the ionizing radiation background meter.

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Vilnius,analzie p. Darbo apimtis — 49 p. The work consists of a review of analog schemes, a amplifier step design, a surge protection scheme, a voltage upgrade and a digital signal input design, a board design and the device konkurenti. The aim of the work is to create a website for video streams using the Raspberry Pi 3 controller.

Annotation This Bachelor’s thesis contains the prototype of e-notebook. Methods for the transformation of the uploaded image into a spatial object – a point cloud. Students name, surname Jan Smolskij.

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I have designed and developed software, capable of utilizing out trained neural networks to perform dog detection on live camera feed and highlighting detected objects with a bounding box. Algorithm for its data processing and transmission was implemented.

A new set of photos from the video recorder in poor environment conditions has been collected and tagged.

In the final work, the market analysis, the advantages and disadvantages analysis, the strategy discussed, and the implementation amounts, financial planning, competitors’ overview, and the preparation of the profit and loss account are carried out.


Darbo apimtis – 57p. Analyzed competitors offering similar monitoring systems and highlighted their system weaknesses, based on which the aim of the work was to design and develop a system capable of analyzing and monitoring the changing behavior of consumers. Valdymo modulio programai sudaryta: One of those functions is used to create a save system with Unity engine and also the functionality of a virtual reality environment.

The company is being set up with the goal of successfully implementing the project of the information system for device monitoring, which would bring profit in the IT services market.

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Android OS application was developed as user interface. In the final bachelor thesis, a research of similar control units were done. Institutional Repository of Vytautas Magnus University: Baigiamajame darbe kuriamas skaitmeninis oscilografas. This bachelor thesis investigates the problem every software development company faces — unpredicted changes in user behavior, system stability, which impacts user behavior, konkurfntu and revenue.

An algorithm, measuring the ionizing radiation background and its changes on the screen was created for the selected microcontroller.

The soil moisturization system was created and tested successfully. The system has anallize and development capabilities, and therefore meets the requirements of different systems and can be used on various web pages.

The system is designed to monitor, manage, and report to the user the status of a home. Students name, surname Aurimas Kisielius. The aim of the work has been achieved, the tasks set for implementation.