English translation of “The story of Lalita Maha Tripura Sundari” of Bramhanda Maha Purana by Sree Krishnandanatha. Copyright: Lalithopakhyanam. Download Lalithopakhyanam. Description. Download Lalithopakhyanam Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. Shop Related Products. Ads by Amazon. This popular poem which used to be daily recited by thousands of ladies in Iyer homes in Tamil Nadu is a summary of Lalithopakhyanam found in Brahmanda.

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Duryodhana died because of Panchali. He was armed with his conch and wheel and decided to fool the asuras and give nectar only to devas. Only from now on in the war, the universal mother would be coming, If you hear about the coming of the Shakthis then the effect of evil magic will vanish.

If you think I would do it, without further thought give the pot of nectar to me.

Seeing this mother Nakuli speedily cam sitting on the shoulder of Garuda, made fall Mongoose which are enemies of snakes from her teeth. The great devas with a garland of fame came near the mother. As per the words of the godly sage, the devas along with Indra started very hard penance to the Goddess for ten thousand years without food and sleep but the Goddess did not appear before them. Then the angry Dummatha sent Guranda. Due the Yanthras, The Shakthis lost their senses and were all benumbed.


Mohini also vanished and Shiva got out of that trance and along with Parvathi he rode on his bull and reached Kailasa and lived there. Near that arena is the land of Shiva, after words the Sathyaloka of Brahma, then the famous land of Vishnu. The Goddess is coming with the four fold powerful army. Then the evil Banda sent the arrow of Kali Yuga and the Mlechas who were mixed in that and the Goddess Kalyani shook, the little finger of her left hand and from that came the exulting God Kalki and killed all the Mlechas who were ruffians.


The devas put in fire their body parts from the feet to the neck and they decided to jump in the fire, Suddenly from that fire a lightning mountain arose which came out shining.

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After telling this, you bring all the asuras here. The fort was thirty Yojanas tall and. She also wore an incomparable blouse and bangles in her hand. Saint Shukra brought and gave him the crown, throne and the white fan and umbrella. He then sent minister Kutilaksha for was with the angry Lalitha. The repeating of Shobanam was primarily for this. Definitely it is only for you. At the top of it there is crown made of Wisdom gem. Why I told you this is because you have committed all these sins.

Even in the chariot of Varahi there were several Shakthis. And on the lap of her lord Kamesa, facing the east sits Goddess Lalitha.

I see lot of bad signs. Then as per the advice of Brahma they prayed. Then that evil Bandasura sent Shisupala, Kamsa, Sakata and Bhootha and the goddess of the universe shook the first finger of her left hand and from that came Sangarshgana, Pradhyumna, Krishna and Aniruddha and they killed all these asuras. Later that Daksha did not offer the offerings in the fire sacrifice to Lord Shiva.

Then Banda made appear innumerable mountain like monkeys and sent them to attack the Goddess. Thus mother killed Bandasura at the dusk.

Right of that is the home of Manthrini and on the lalithopakhganam of that is the home of Varahi. With wonder the devas saw that light. The first fort is made of steel and it has a height of.


Sri Lalithopakhyanam – Sanskrit

The army of Bandasura started to win over the Goddess. And they saw good omens all the way, Let good things happen. He then sent asuras like Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Indrajit. The devas found out only the Goddess who would marry Shiva can kill her. Indra, you lalithopakhanam not have any sparkle in your world and the devas have become like people without food and the Brahmins of the world have become misers.

It would not go away by some other act. The devilish one sent lalithopakhyajam arrow of blindness and she destroyed it by arrow of the eye. Then due to the pain caused by the pulling, Vasuki vomited the burning poison and that started burning all those it touched. Then The Goddess shook the middle finger of her left lalithoakhyanam and from that came Balarama with a plough as big as Kailasa mountain and killed all the monkeys.

She came in a chariot called Ganditha along with Dandini and Manthrini and they lalithopakyhanam the sons of Bandasura and other Asuras in to small pieces. Lord Shiva gave him a life of a king for sixty thousand years and also gave him a boon that no body can win over him.

In the greatness of Goddess Lalitha, in the one lakh crore part of her fame we would tell only a little.