Aces Up. Lauren Barnholdt, Delacorte, $ trade paper (p) ISBN Enter Cole, leader of Aces Up, a clandestine ring of college-age. Aces Up by Lauren Barnholdt – book cover, description, publication history. Barnholdt keeps her characters nicely varied and believable, and she doesn’t shrink from portraying the consequences her likable main.

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I enjoyed so much! The characters are all very much likeable.

ACES UP by Lauren Barnholdt | Kirkus Reviews

Would you agree to be a member of this secret-poker group, Aces Up? Like this girl is in high school, do you not have any friends your own age? After taxes, that works out to about forty dollars maybe?

Gosh this book was horrible. Aces Up By Lauren Barnholdt. When Shannon receives a mysterious invitation to join Aces Up, a secret network of highly talented college poker players, at first she thinks No way.


I was desperate acex unravel more of the history between him and Shannon and find out how everything went so horribly wrong between them! Her relationships made the book really uncomfortable to read. It was a very fast, barnhpldt and simple read. But it was Max who is was the surprise of the book for me. Shannon seemed a bit all over the place and her inner thoughts was a little to hyper and scattered while the dialog was spazzy and repetitive. And soon everything seems to spiral out of control, as her lies start building up, and Shannon gets into a bigger mess than she’d realised.


Poker looks like a pretty badass game. She smells like some kind of violet perfume.

I wanted to see more of each one of the characters and see what would happen next to them. Shannon, is extremely smart and I find her quirky and hilaious. Anyway, given that he is hot and all he still carries a msyerious vibe around him that’s very ul.

This was an enjoyable quick read, essentially a first person narrative of a smart acea stupid choices. When I got to pageI realized there was only a couple of pages left and the story had not gotten anywhere. Aside from that, I really liked Shannon and felt for her when things didn’t end up going her barnholddt during the book. Shannon is all set to say no to Cole’s offer. Never have I read anything about gambling technically it’s not gambling when money is involved, at least to me.

Seventeen-year-old high school senior Shannon Card needs money. And a thing ace two to learn, hot guys can actually turn out to be jerks. Overall a very solid novel! For example, freshman year overview:. The main character, Shannon was funny and likable, the friend she had a crush on, Max, was cute and endearing.

Longer review coming soon! Oct 11, Sara rated it it was ok. But in the end I loved him. I admit, I could not put this book down at one point, but then towards the end I started getting bored as the story wasn’t really going there. Aug 04, Chelsea Nicole rated it it was ok. Shannon was so real; I could really understand her, why she does what she does, not to mention it’s really hard not to love her.


Line from the Wellesley webpage under admissions requirements: The name sounds sexy. I think that Shannon’s voice is funny, engaging and never boring. She has enough to worry about: I just wish Bzrnholdt could have loved it more: I feel like she just throws a bunch of people together and calls it a book.

Nov 17, Meg rated it really liked it Shelves: Hopefully her eye pencil is waterproof. I need a backup caes of identification.

Book Review / Aces Up by Lauren Barnholdt ~ Debra’s Book Cafe

Young and smart, Shannon needs money for college. I really like how the book started. I found this story particular interesting because it feels exciting knowing that a groups has a game plan to win money. And despite all the illegal stuff she did, she managed to get out okay. Still, Barnholdts signature style for writing story-lines that are unique and fresh is still very much alive in this book, the characters were different and the plot interesting.

Like they do at the GAP.