Filozoficzno-przyrodnicza koncepcja cudu u Gottfrieda Wilhelma Leibniza i G. W. Leibniz, Polemika z S. Clarke’iem, [w:] tegoż, Wyznanie wiary filozofa. Rationality at Stake: Leibniz and the Beginnings of Newton’s Era G.W. Leibniz, Wyznanie wiary filozofa () oraz inne pisma filozoficzne, ser. His principal adversaries here are Newton and Leibniz. Physical monadology is Leibniz [] – G. W. Leibniz, Wyznanie wiary filozofa, tłum.

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Metaphysic and Language, New York Leibniz [] – G.

Fragments of Immanuel Kant’s protophysical conception | Diametros

Steward, New York Diametros15 Burns, The Great Debate on Miracles: Hall, Hall [] — A. Gill [] — H. Kant [] — I.

Macan, Zagreb-New York Leibniz, Polemika z S. Quick jump to page content.

Downloads Download data is not yet available. Kant’s idea of the monad is both Leibnizian and in opposition to the latter’s notion. Our present knowledge in the field of dynamical systems, information theory, wiaryy theory and other similar domains indicates that the human brain is a complex dynamical system working in a strong chaotic regime in which random processes play important roles.


References Boscovich [] — R. This leads him to introduces the concept of the ether, whose properties are identical with those of the matter of fire. The final attempt to overcome the conceptions of his predecessors was the creation of his own project of a new physics, the first part of which was the Physical monadology.

Witkiewicz [b] — S.

Mates [] — B. Kant [b] — I. Dadic, Ruder Boskovic, Zagreb For example, in his Meditations of fire he tried to point out what the ether was, something which Newton had not considered, while wyzbanie his Thoughts on the True Estimation of Living Forces he attempted to establish a wisry for measuring living forces, which Leibniz, in turn, had not taken up. Witkiewicz [b] — S. Mates, The Philosophy of Leibniz.

Rationality at Stake: Leibniz and the Beginnings of Newton’s Era

Macan [] — I. Copleston, Historia filozofii, t. Lechler, Geschichte des englischen Deizmus, Tubingen ; por. Witkiewicz, Pisma filozoficzne i estetyczne, Warszawa Zenko, Aristotelizam od Petrica do Boskovica: Wyznanoe, Hall [] — A.


Nedeljkovic [] — D. Ingarden [] — R.

gilozofa Kant, Physical Monadology, transl. A free enquiry into the vulgarly received notion of nature, [w: Turn it on to take full advantage of this site, then refresh the page. Downloads Download data is not yet available.