Lutterloh Patterns, National Park. K likes. The Lutterloh Pattern Making system is the perfect solution for today’s busy sewer. Feel free to save this image to your computer so you can print it out as Take another look at your Lutterloh patterns and I hope you too will. Welcome to your best source for free Lutterloh tips and system Lutterloh Patterns Come Alive! The Lutterloh pattern needed some work.

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The basic premise of this exercise is to close the side bust dart on your pattern and then move that fullness to another area of your pattern. No one’s name will be with their pattern I have just visited the USA and bought my Lutterloh kit. After stitching the underarm dart for ltuterloh left side, I pinned the pleats of the right side to get its original shape and attached both the right and left side together. My son’s first comment was “It’s so baggy.

I was thinking I could add a couple of inches to the bodice to make it blouse out like the picture, leave out the darts on the skirt, and put an elastic waist in. Anonymous February 1, at 2: Hi from NewZealand I have ffee just joined the group today 11 january I redrew the patternns twice.


Hi Guys, First, I just want to say – I love this site. Joanne in Tennessee October 26, at Please help me out. November 8, at 9: Can you send us a pattwrns with permission to post it?

Rosina, We all love to sew with knits This is actually a letter that is no longer used in the current symbols key. Hi Ann, I’m almost finished with my jumper that I am making with Fonnell’s group.

Sew Bambi Sew: FREE Lutterloh Pattern books!!!!!!!

This may have to wait a few days until I have a day off again but we’ll see. Any tips and things to remember would be appreciated. Linda October luttrloh, at 5: A shiny or glittery fabric could really send this over the top or just make some up in thin T-shirt knit and self ties for a twist on your basic tee.

Maybe my next version should be a darker one so I can wear it to work at the chocolate. There’s no need to wear boring tees when patterns like this one take just a couple lutterloh extra steps. Bernice shows us a Lutterloh creation from a simple Lutterloh dress pattern. I’m sure even a knit could work if that floats your boat. Thursday, December 7, Make something for the holidays.


On the right you may notice I have marked two lines. The dart manipulation post isn’t half as scary as I thought it was previously So I suppose you might want to see a photo, huh? Hand me my 3 pound weights! She has patyerns on a lot of links that I too find very helpful.


I’ve already got a couple of patterns from people. Can you e-mail me a scan of the picture and I will show you what I mean!


I can’t sew either project right now, but just wanted you to know I am following along and reading every single word! Everyone would love to patterbs what you did with that Sheath dress pattern! That will remove a total of 2″ of ease from the dress pattern. Any why are you saying only the front and also there seems to be 5 comments under your post that i can’t get into?

Almost every Lutterloh book I’ve seen has a basic sheath dress style in both average and full figure sizes. There are already many pages on the internet devoted to demonstrating this technique. My next one will likely be a long one with some shaping and nice details but I’m sure this one will last me a good long time.